School District of Clay County
Green Cove Springs, Florida
APRIL 6, 2006 (8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.)


Maintenance Department Training Room
905 Center Street, Green Cove Springs

April 2006 Workshop

Call to Order
1. Attendance
Minutes: School Board Members Present:  Carol Vallencourt, District No. 1; Carol Studdard, District No. 2; Charles Van Zant, District No. 3; Wayne Bolla, District No. 4; and Lisa Graham, District No. 5.  Superintendent David Owens was also present.

Workshop Items
2. The Process of Visioning

Purpose of this workshop is to:

  • Explore the relationship between the concept of visioning and the FSBA governance model.
  • Examine the characteristics and elements of a vision.
  • Identify the purposes of visioning and engage in visioning activities.
  • Review criteria for creating a vision statement.
  • Understand how a mission statement and strategic plan align with the vision.
  • Discuss the advocacy role of the leadership team in the visioning process.

A vision is a compelling and inspiring image of a desired and possible future that an organization seeks to achieve.  A vision expresses goals that are worth striving for and appeals to the ideals and  values that are shared throughout the organization.  A visioning statement is a unique and ideal image of the future which serves the common good.  Through the visioning process, the district develops a shared vision and common values. 

At the conclusion of the workshop, the three working groups presented a "draft" vision statement developed by their respective group.  Superintendent and staff will combine the draft statements into one finished product that will be brought back to the School Board for review and/or approval.

Superintendent's Requests (There were none)
School Board's Requests (There were none)
3. The meeting adjourned at 2:00 p.m.