School District of Clay County
Green Cove Springs, Florida
Teacher Inservice Center - Fleming Island High School 2233 Village Square Parkway Hearing for Special Actions regarding Students - 3:00 p.m. REGULAR MEETING - 7:00 p.m.
April 21, 2011 Regular Meeting
Agenda Item #35

Item Title
C-34 Updated and Revised Emergency & Critical Incident Manual


The District Emergency and Critical Incident Manual outlines and gives guidance to schools and departments on various safety and security procedures, drills, and all hazards whether natural or manmade, as well as preparing, mitigating, responding, and recovering from emergency crisis.  The manual requires Board approval and serves as the foundation for the development of individual school safety and security plans. 

This document will be hand delivered.

Recommended Action
Approve the Clay County School District Emergency and Critical Incident Manual effective 2011.

Financial Impact
Minimal printing costs which will be absorbed within approved budget.

Submitted By

Michael J. Elliott, Assistant Superintendent Support Services

Data Source:

Bruce Harvin, Coordinator of Operations