School District of Clay County
Green Cove Springs, Florida
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February 21, 2008 Regular Meeting
Agenda Item #51

Item Title
C-42 (Bolla) Appraisal and Survey on Roderigo Property


Appraisal, Boundary Survey and Environmental Study are required per Florida Statute 1013.14(b).  The Environmental Study was accepted by the School Board October 16, 2003.  In order to proceed with the acquisition of this property, the School Board must authorize the 30-day Notice to the Public on the School Board’s intent to approve an option contract.  Upon approval, the School Board Attorney and staff can proceed to develop an option contract for site acquisition.  Until negotiations are complete, the information concerning the appraisals, option contracts and negotiations with the owner is exempt from the provisions of Florida Statute 119.07(1) Inspection, Examination and Duplication of Public Records per Florida Statute 1013.14.


The reasoning behind this purchase is to address many issues.  One of these issues will be the necessity to provide accessible parking to meet current Florida Building Code requirements.  Another reason for this purchase will be to improve drainage by master planning the drainage at the existing parking area, the Information Services paved area and the new proposed area.  The purchase of this property will also improve the image of the District Offices.  Finally, the Clay County School District could expand its future office capability with the purchase of subject property.  Staff’s long-term plans will include the purchase of future adjacent lands as they become available. 


Recommended Action

Accept the survey and appraisal and authorize development of an Option Contract and Advertisement of the School Board’s intent to acquire this property for the District Office Complex.

Financial Impact

The market value of the parcel is $120,000.00.

Submitted By

James A. Connell, Director of Facility Planning and Construction

Attachment:  Appraisal_Survey_Roderigo 2,21,08.pdf