School District of Clay County
Green Cove Springs, Florida
Teacher Inservice Center - Fleming Island High School 2233 Village Square Parkway FEBRUARY 16, 2006 HEARINGS FOR SPECIAL ACTIONS REGARDING STUDENTS - 4:00 PM REGULAR MEETING - 7:00 PM
February Regular Meeting
Agenda Item #9

Item Title
Mid Year Report for School Improvement Plans (Revised)

Mid year reports of progress toward School Improvement Plan objectives are required for our schools who are identified as schools in need of improvement and schools who did not achieve their objectives as stated in their Final Adequate Progress statements for 2004 - 2005 School Improvement Plans.

Recommended Action
Approval recommended.

Financial Impact
None at this point.

Submitted By

Debra Gaynes, Supervisor

School Improvement, Professional Development, Assessment, and ESOL

OPJ, FIH, BLC will be submitted next month.

Attachment:  CEB TemplateProgReport05-06.pdf
Attachment:  CHE Mid-Year 2006 Report.pdf
Attachment:  CHS SAC January mid year report.pdf
Attachment:  DIS SIP Progress Report.pdf
Attachment:  FIE Mid-Year Progress Report.pdf
Attachment:  GCSJH TemplateProgReport05-06.pdf
Attachment:  GPE TemplateProgReport05-06.pdf
Attachment:  KHE TemplateProgReport05-06.pdf
Attachment:  KHHS SIPProgress.pdf
Attachment:  LAE ProgReport05-06.pdf
Attachment:  LES TemplateProgReport05-06.pdf
Attachment:  LJH TemplateProgReport05-06.pdf
Attachment:  MBE Mid-year report January.pdf
Attachment:  MCE RW Progress Reports 1-26-06.pdf
Attachment:  MHS TemplateProgReport05-06a.pdf
Attachment:  MRE TemplateProgReport05-06.pdf
Attachment:  OPE Mid Year Assessment.pdf
Attachment:  OPH TemplateProgReport05-06.pdf
Attachment:  PES Mid Year report 2005-2006.pdf
Attachment:  RHS TemplateProgReport05-06.pdf
Attachment:  ROE FDOE - Progress Reports.pdf
Attachment:  RVE TemplateProgReport05-06_mid year.pdf
Attachment:  SBJ midyear report template.pdf
Attachment:  SPC Mid Year Progress.pdf
Attachment:  TBE corrected SAC Midyear report.pdf
Attachment:  TES TemplateProgReport05-06.pdf
Attachment:  W. E. CHERRY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - Jan 06 Report.pdf
Attachment:  WES Midyear Report SIP 2005 - 2006.pdf
Attachment:  WJH Jan06 update.pdf