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June 20, 2013 - Regular Meeting
Agenda Item #65

Item Title
D-5 Monthly Financial Report for May, 2013

The financial records and accounts of the School Board are maintained under the direction of the Superintendent with approval of the Board.
Florida State Board of Education Administrative Rule 6A-1.008 requires that, at least monthly, the Superintendent of Schools shall submit for use and consideration of the School Board, a financial statement prescribed by the School Board. The approved format attached provides information on revenues, expenditures, and cash balances through the month of approval. 

Recommended Action
Approval of the monthly financial report for May, 2013, as presented.

Financial Impact
There is no direct financial effect on schools or budgets by the approval of the monthly financial report.

Submitted By

Dr. George F. Copeland, CPA, Assistant Superintendent for Business Affairs

DATA SOURCE:  Sonya Findley, CPA, Director of Finance

Attachment:  PAGE 1 MONTHLY FIN-Sum Cash-MAY, 2013.pdf
Attachment:  PAGE 2 MONTHLY FIN-MAY,2013 GREV.pdf
Attachment:  PAGE 3 MONTHLY FIN MAY, 2013-GREXP.pdf
Attachment:  PAGE 4 MONTHLY FIN MAY,2013-DSREVEXP.pdf
Attachment:  PAGE 5 MONTHLY FIN MAY,2013-CPF.pdf
Attachment:  PAGE 6 Capital Projects By Project MAY,2013.pdf
Attachment:  PAGE 8 MONTHLY FIN MAY, 2013-SPREV.pdf
Attachment:  PAGE 9 MONTHLY FIN MAY,2013- ARRA-SPREV43X.pdf
Attachment:  PAGE 10 MONTHLY FIN MAY,2013-INSURANCE.pdf