School District of Clay County
Green Cove Springs, Florida
Teacher Inservice Center - Fleming Island High School 2233 Village Square Parkway MAY 10, 2007 - 2:00 P.M.
May 10, 2007 Workshop & Special Meeting
Agenda Item #2

Item Title
2007-2012 Strategic Plan and Related Costs


The 2007-2012 Strategic Plan is the culmination of efforts by the Strategic Planning Steering Committee and several action teams since August, 2006.  The plan is based on 26 strategies and includes 102 action plans and related costs.  The following areas are included: Curriculum, Instruction and Staff Development, Custodial/Environment, District Growth and Facilities, Finance, Governance, Human Resources, Paperwork Reduction/Forms Control, Process/Support Delivery, Public Relations, Safety and Security, Staffing Allocations, Technology/Information Services and Transportation.  Implementation time lines and the summary of costs are included.  The Strategic Plan of the School District of Clay County will benefit our schools and communities by: *Serving as a road map, *Providing a clearly defined purpose, *Effectively using the School Board's resources, *Providing a base from which progress can be measured.

A "DRAFT" copy of the Plan is available for preview in the Deputy Superintendent's office in Green Cove Springs.

Recommended Action
Review Strategic Plan for 2007-2012

Financial Impact

Total Cost (2007-2012):  $27,357,317

Year One Cost:  $4,416,408

Submitted By
Ben H. Wortham, Deputy Superintendent

Attachment:  2007-2012 - Introduction.pdf
Attachment:  2007-2012 - Curr-Inst-Staff Dev - Section I.pdf
Attachment:  2007-2012 - Cust.-Envirn. - Section II.pdf
Attachment:  2007-2012 - Dist. Grow.-Facilities - Section III.pdf
Attachment:  2007-2012 - Finance - Section IV.pdf
Attachment:  2007-2012 - Governance - Section V.pdf
Attachment:  2007-2012 - Human Res. - Section VI.pdf
Attachment:  2007-2012 - Paper. Red.-Forms - Section VII.pdf
Attachment:  2007-2012 - Process-Supp. Del - Section VIII.pdf
Attachment:  2007-2012 - Public Relations - Section IX.pdf
Attachment:  2007-2012 - Safety-Security - Section X.pdf
Attachment:  2007-2012 - Staffing Allocations - Section XI.pdf
Attachment:  2007-2012 - Tech.-Info. Services - Section XII.pdf
Attachment:  2007-2012 - Transportation - Section XIII.pdf
Attachment:  2007-2012 - Implementatin Time Lines - Section XIV.pdf
Attachment:  2007-2012 - Summary of Costs - Section XV.pdf