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Green Cove Springs, Florida
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October 18, 2007 Regular Meeting
Agenda Item #28

Item Title
C-28 Bids to Be Awarded


Bids to be awarded as required per Florida Statute 287, DOE Rule 6A-1.01 and School Board Policy


a. New Vehicle Step Van #08-BA-96 – Bid established to purchase a van for additional courier position for warehouse filled in July. Ten (10) bids solicited and 1 bid received on time and 1 bid received a day late. Four (4) vendors do not sell “Workhorse chassis” as specified, one vendor was not interested due to their location (Miami) but stated they could not beat the pricing we received, another vendor was unable to bid due to work load, left message with other three (3) vendors as to why they did not bid and have not received a call back.  Mauldin International Trucks, Inc. - $44,498.93 per specifications and $41,755.59 for alternate. 

Both vehicles are new, alternate is 3 feet longer allowing for courier to carry more supplies, vehicle is painted white instead of just aluminum and immediate delivery. Based on the fact that Autoway Chevrolet (late bid) e-mailed and stated their bid price was $48,793.13 and that the district paid $41,106.00 for the last van purchased back in January 2005 bid price is justified as being competitive.


b. Audio Visual Equipment/Supplies & Library Materials Catalog Discount #08-SCH-82 – Bid established to purchase specified audio visual equipment and to establish a discount for balance of vendors catalog price.  Forty-three (43) bids solicited, twenty-three (23) bid received, four (4) were no bids and two bids were returned unopened.


Recommended Action

Award bids as follows:


a. New Vehicle Step Van #08-BA-96 – Recommend award to Mauldin International Trucks, Inc. for alternate bid.


b. Audio Visual Equipment/Supplies & Library Materials Catalog Discount #08-SCH-82 – Recommend award as per attachment.

Financial Impact

a. New Vehicle Step Van #08-BA-96 - $41,106.00


b. Audio Visual Equipment/Supplies & Library Materials Catalog Discount #08-SCH-82 – estimated cost is $174,000.00

Submitted By

Dr. George F. Copeland, C.P.A., Assistant Superintendent for Business Affairs

Data Source:  Nancy Racine, Director of Purchasing, Accounts Payable and Materials Management

Attachment:  Vendor Awards_Audio Visual Equipment Supplies 08-SCH-82.pdf

EXECUTIVE SESSION (Closed to the Public) to discuss matters pertaining to pending litigation. Attendees: Superintendent David Owens; Deputy Superintendent Denise Adams; Karen Bush, Board Assistant; Board Attorney Bruce Bickner; Sabrina Gaston, Board Attorney's Assistant; and School Board Members - Carol Vallencourt, Carol Studdard, Lisa Graham, Wayne Bolla, Charles Van Zant, Sr.