School District of Clay County
Green Cove Springs, Florida
Teacher Inservice Center - Fleming Island High School
2233 Village Square Parkway
Time: 5:00 p.m.

October 30, 2013 - Special Meeting

Call to Order
1. Attendance


Present:  Janice Kerekes, District 1;  Carol Studdard, District 2;  Tina Bullock, District 3;   Lisa Graham, District 5.

Absent:  Johnna McKinnon, District 4; Superintendent Charlie Van Zant; and Senior Staff.

Agenda Items
2. Discuss and take further action regarding School Superintendent Van Zant's use of District resources and other activities relating to the "Dare to Think" conference


Mrs. Studdard began by stating she called the meeting due to numerous inquiries about the nature of the conference and the associated expenditures.

Speakers from the Audience:

Cary Herold, Sandra Goldman, Fred Gottshalk, Martha Carlson, Harry Parrott, Travis Christensen, Art Yeaman, Ann Wiggins, Art Hooker, Cheryl McDavitt, Dee Lansford, Gwen Shangle, Raymond Johnson, Laura Gorgus

Following speaker comments, there was Board discussion.  

After the vote on the motion, Mrs. Graham, who voted against the motion, stated for the record that she did not want to be portrayed as being in favor of this action. 

Motion for the School Board through the Chairperson, Carol Studdard, file an ethics complaint with the Florida Commission on Ethics against School Superintendent Charlie Van Zant, Jr., requesting an investigation by the Commission, and also requesting an investigation of the School Superintendent by the office of the State Attorney and Governor.- PASS
Vote Results
Motion: Janice Kerekes
Second: Tina Bullock
Tina Bullock- Aye
Lisa Graham- Nay
Janice Kerekes- Aye
Johnna McKinnon- Not Present
Carol Studdard- Aye

3. Direct School Board Attorney to take legal action against William Korach individually and The Report Card, Inc. regarding the use of School District name and logo in advertising "Dare to Think" conference


Speakers from the Audience:

Fred Gottshalk, Amber Shepherd, Art Yeaman, Travis Christensen, Dee Lansford, Mary Marcus

Board discussion ensued.

Following discussion, no action was taken on this item.

4. Discuss and consider School Board action concerning propriety of use of School District funds to pay for district teachers and administrators registration/attendance, professional leave time, and substitute teacher costs for attendance at "Dare to Think"


Speakers from the Audience:

Nirvana, Dee Lansford, Renna Lee Paiva, Tracy Butler

There was Board discussion

Mrs. Studdard requested that an item be placed on the November board meeting with an itemized accounting of all school and district dollars spent on the "Dare to Think" conference.  She asked that Mr. Bickner look at policy and bring a recommendation to the School Board with language relative to the following:  expenditure of funds, signing of contracts, political activites, co-sponsorships, and etc. to avoid any kind of impropriety. 

Mr. Bickner stated that after researching this, it was clear that when the Board adopted the Master Inservice Plan and adopted the professional development system, this was the same as adopting any other manual.  The rules are set in place, and the Board's job is finished.  The Board's only recourse, if they see an abuse of the rules, is to adopt a policy to prevent that from happening.  

Following discussion, no further action was taken on this item.

Superintendent's Requests (None)
School Board's Requests


Mrs. Studdard made closing comments and reminded the Board of the upcoming Master Board Onsite Training on Tuesday, November 12, 2013.

Adjournment (7:10 p.m.)