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Agenda Plus
School Board of Clay County
April 2, 2020 - Regular School Board Meeting
C11 - Summer Programs Manual, Proposed Allocations, and Calendar

Each year, Clay County hosts several summer programs for the educational benefit of students.  These programs are fundamentally designed to either remediate students or to maintain educational levels.  These programs range from pre-kindergarten to high school levels.  Programs are held at various sites in the District and have approved guidelines attached to each program.  Special education students have access to each program sponsored.


Gap Analysis

The summer programs offered either provide valuable opportunities for students to increase their educational knowledge or maintain skills.


Previous Outcomes

Students in all of the programs either retained learning levels or increased learning levels due to the summer programs being offered in 2019-20.  At the junior high level, students were able to be promoted due to the passage of courses offered during this summer period. Similarly, students in grades 9-12 recouped credits due to the summer high school program.  This enables the students to recoup credits or to maintain a pace so that receiving a high school diploma is possible.


Expected Outcomes

Students will continue to increase learning levels or recoup credits/courses in all programs.  Programs that are offered (with the targeted audiences) are:

  • Voluntary Pre-K: Children who will be 4-years old on or before 9/1/17 and have not used any portion of a Certificate of Eligibility from any Florida coalition during the 19-20 year;
  • 3rd Grade Summer Reading Camp: 3rd grade students who scored a level 1 on the ELA Florida State Assessment;
  • 6th grade and Junior High: students seeking to recover failed courses;
  • High School: 9-12 students seeking credit recovery;
  • Algebra 1 Credit Recovery for ESE Only;; Students with disabilities who failed this course;
  • Algebra 1 "Boot Camp"; students who have not passed the Algebra 1 EOC.  This is a review session;
  • 11th-12th Grade ESOL; ELL students scoring level 1 or 2 on the ELA FSA;
  • ESE Extended School Year: ESE students who have been determined to need ESY services.
Strategic Plan Goal

Goal:   Develop a High Quality and Aligned Instructional System

Strategy:  1.1.4 Explore innovative program options for rigorous opportunities at the elementary and secondary levels.


That the Clay County School Board approve to approve the Summer Program Manual and the Calendar

Terry Connor, Chief Academic Officer, 904.336.9405,
Financial Impact
Review Comments
April 2020 - 2020 Clay County Summer Programs Manual.pdf
April 2020 - 2020 ESE Extended School Year Calendar.pdf
April 2020 - Summer School Calendar 2020.pdf