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School Board of Clay County
August 1, 2019 - Regular School Board Meeting
C24 - County-Wide Civil Engineer Contract Award (2019/2020)

The selection was conducted in accordance with Florida Statute 287.055.  The project was advertised for three consecutive weeks with The Clay Today.  Selection Committee members were; Bryce Ellis, Project Manager; Jeffery Marks, Project Manager; and Janice Kerekes, School Board Member.  

As a result of interviews and after due consideration, the Selection Committee recommends the following firms as listed in priority order:

1.  Michele M. Agee, PE, PA

2.  CHW Professional Consultants

3.  Matthews Design Group

Gap Analysis


Previous Outcomes

Awarding a continuing contract for civil engineering services authorizes a firm or individual to proceed with School Board projects not exceeding a monetary value specified in Board Policy for a period of one year.  The appointment may be extended for an additional period of not more than one year if agreeable to the School Board and the mechanical/electrical engineering firm.  The appointed mechanical/electrical engineering firm shall be available to design, manage, and inspect any School Board projects within the authorized limit without having to bid against other firms.

Expected Outcomes

This contract allows for more efficient execution of minor civil projects requiring professional design services. 

Strategic Plan Goal

Ensure effective management of the organization, operations, and facilities to maximize the use of resources and promote a safe, efficient, and effective learning environment for Clay County students.


Appoint the top ranked firm, Michele M. Agee, PE, PA, at a fee of 8.5% of the construction cost for County-Wide Engineering Services.

Dr. Michael Kemp, Assistant Superintendent for Operations, (904) 336-6824, Bryce Ellis, Project Manager, (904) 336-6853,
Financial Impact
All funding necessary for the Mechanical/Electrical Engineering fees resulting from this contract are budgeted within the Educational Facilities Plan. The exact amount of fees cannot be determined at this time.
Review Comments
CW Civil Engineer Contract 2019.2020 with Michele Agee.pdf