Agenda Plus
School Board of Clay County
August 3, 2017 - Regular School Board Meeting
C2 - Dell Purchase Agreement - Student Chromebooks

Expansion of the current student devices to facilitate digital instruction county wide.  

In order to meet digital classroom requirements, the district needs to acquire an additional 6200 devices.  The additional devices will fill the voids in current classroom device assignments.  

Gap Analysis

The district currently maintains approximately 21,000 modern specification computers, of which the majority are more than four years old for student usage.   These machines are located in a variety of settings, including computer labs and classrooms.  There are  15,000 Chromebooks across the district, with the majority of these devices located in Title I schools and Digital Discover Schools.  At this time, there is inequity with where these devices are currently located relative to the district at large.

Previous Outcomes

See attached chart.

Expected Outcomes

Through the development of a purchasing plan that will increase the number of individual student devices by a third each year beginning in 2017-18, the district will realize the achievement ensuring that every student in every classroom will have access to mobile devices to enhance the student learning environment.

Strategic Plan Goal

To align technology's ability to deliver devices that support the digital needs of the Curriculum and Instruction Division.


Approve the Dell Purchase Agreement.

Michael McAuley, Assistant Superintendent for Climate & Culture; Jeremy Bunkley, Director of Information Technology Services, 904-336-9603
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