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School Board of Clay County
December 1, 2020 - School Board Special Meeting
Approval of Turnaround School Supplemental Service Allocation

During the 2019 session, the Florida Legislature created a new categorical fund entitled the Turnaround School Supplement Services Allocation (TSSSA) for the purpose of providing supplemental services for schools that meet one of the following criteria for eligibility:

  • A school that is implementing a district-managed turnaround plan.
  • A school that has earned at least three consecutive grades below a "C".
  • A school that has improved to a "C" or higher within the last two years and is no longer in turnaround status.

Examples of services that can be provided with this funding include tutoring and after-school programs, counseling services, parent support, or extended day and school year. Schools are also encouraged to seek models that encourage students to complete high school and pursue college or a career, set high academic expectations, and inspire character development. This funding can also be used for agreements with nonprofit providers to provide supplemental support for students.

The Florida Department of Education has established that the TSSSA plans must at a minimum address the following areas:

  1. Establish comprehensive support services that develop family and community partnerships
  2. Establish clearly defined and measurable high academic and character standards
  3. Increase parental involvement and engagement in the child’s education
  4. Describe how instructional personnel will be identified, recruited, retained, and rewarded. 
  5. Provide professional development that focuses on academic rigor, direct instruction, and creating high academic and character standards
  6. Provide focused instruction to improve student academic proficiency, which may include instructional time beyond the normal school day or year
  7. Include a strategy for continuing to provide services after the school is no longer in turnaround status by achieving a “C” or higher (if applicable).
Gap Analysis

In the past, supplementary funds were provided for schools with "Turnaround" status, but those funds were removed once the school achieved a grade of "C". This new allocation provides continued funding for two additional years to assist with ongoing school success. 

Previous Outcomes

This is a new categorical state allocation

Expected Outcomes

The district-approved TSSSA plan will be submitted to the Florida Department of Education and funds distributed according to the approved plan.

Strategic Plan Goal

Goal 1: Develop a High Quality & Aligned Instructional System                
Strategy 1.1: Provide teachers and students with the tools and resources necessary to meet the demands of the Florida Standards and students' individual needs.

  1. That the Clay County School Board approve the District Turnaround School Supplemental Services Allocation Plan.
  2. That the Clay County School Board authorize the Superintendent or designee to make technical amendments to the District Turnaround School Supplement Services Allocation Plan as requested by FDOE, including but not limited to amendments to funding sources so long as appropriated funds are available and the overall budget is not exceeded, and to report such amendments to the School Board.
Heather Teto, Chief of Elementary, 904.336.6500,
Financial Impact
The allocation is based on the unweighted FTE student enrollment at Charles E Bennett Elementary School and a per-FTE funding amount of $500 or as provided by the General Appropriations Act. This year's preliminary allocation is set at $319,705.00
Review Comments
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