Agenda Plus
School Board of Clay County
District Office Accounts Payable Conference Room, 814 Walnut Street, Green Cove Springs, FL 32043
December 19, 2016 - School Board Workshop
Date: Dec 19 2016 (9:30 a.m.)
Call to Order  (9:36 a.m. - Present: Janice Kerekes, District 1; Carol Studdard, District 2; Betsy Condon, District 3; Mary Bolla, District 4; Ashley Gilhousen, District 5; and Superintendent Addison Davis.)
Workshop Items
1. Draft Agenda Review for Regular Meeting on January 5, 2017

Item discussion between the Board and Superintendent took place with questions and answers.  Discussion included:

  • C-6 Legislative Priorities - The Board agreed to narrow the priorities to bullets 1, 3, and  4;
  • C-8 Personnel Consent Agenda - Mr. Broskie asked permission to update the agenda on January 3 if the Superintendent is ready to include some new employees; 
  • C-9 Controlled Open Enrollment - The plan and timeline are still being developed.  The new legislation will cause potential challenges for schools under utilized and under enrollment; we won't know full impact until we open the window for parents, and see how many will transfer to open seats; the open enrollment will be first come, first served based on district Controlled Open Enrollment policy; our plan will measure at 85% capacity and Clay students will have priority over out of county; the goal is to launch by Feb with a school expo;
  • C-14 Intel Math Consultant Agreement - Mr. Davis asked staff to provide cohort data to support;
  • At this point, a question was asked about grant money and how it is spent.  Superintendent Davis responded that he has asked to see all contracts we are currently engaged in, and will be asking for grants next to determine what the deliverables are and how we track funding.
  • D-1 Whistle blower protection - The changes to the proposed policy were reviewed.   
  • Mr. Broskie asked permission to add the CCEA ratification package.

Following agenda review, the Board agreed to meet for student hearings on January 5th at 4:00.  Because of a conflict with TOY visits, the January 11th workshop was moved to January 12th at 6:00 p.m.  (Note:  Subsequently, Superintendent Davis asked that the time be moved to 3:30 p.m.)  An item will be added to the January 12th workshop agenda to review attorney applications to hopefully narrow to the top three candidates. Copies of the applications will be given to the Board at the January 5th Regular meeting to take home for review prior to the workshop.

Questions from the Audience
Superintendent Comments
School Board Comments
Adjournment  (10:46 a.m.)
Superintendent of Schools School Board Chairman