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School Board of Clay County
February 2, 2017 - Regular School Board Meeting
C20 - Schematic/Preliminary/Final (Phase I, II & III) Plans and Specifications for Clay High School Culinary Arts Renovation

The current Culinary Arts program at Clay High School is dated and in need of modest modernization.  Some older equipment will be replaced under the kitchen hood, and the old pressed wood cabinets will be removed and replaced with open metal shelving, and the VCT floor in the food prep area will be replaced with an impervious epoxy floor.

Gap Analysis:

Although there is adequate space available for this program, the age of some of the equipment makes it difficult to provide effective instruction.  Additionally, the age of the cabinets and the VCT floor in the food preparation area make it difficult to conform with present day sanitation standards required by the Health Department.

Previous Outcomes:

Standards have been maintained, but it is a result of increased effort by the school staff, some of which could have gone to instruction.

Expected Outcomes:

Instruction will be more effective.

Strategic Plan Goal:

All students will graduate prepared to enter collage and/or the workforce.


School Board approve the Schematic/Preliminary/Final (Phase I, II & III) Plans and Specifications for the capital project involving renovation of the Culinary Arts facility at Clay High School.

Dr. Michael Kemp, Assistant Superintendent for Operations John Merrill, Administrator on Assignment
Financial Impact
Estimated at $120,000.00 as part of a grant obtained by the Career and Technical Education (CTE) Department.
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