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School Board of Clay County
February 2, 2017 - Regular School Board Meeting
D6 - Public Hearing to approve, as advertised, amendments to 4.06 and 4.07 Board Policy Revisions

Requesting revision to school board policy 4.06 and 4.07 to meet the Department of Education and Health and Human Services requirements of local education agencies (LEAs) to ensure educational stability for Children in Foster Care which became effective 12-10-16 under Title I which was amended by the Every Student Succeeds Act.   Ref. ESSA, Sections 1111 (G) (1), (E) and 1112 (C)(5)

This revision ensures that children in foster care needing transportation to the school of origin will promptly receive transportaiton in a cost-effective manner and in accordance with section 475(4)(A) of the Social Security Act (42 U.S.C. 675 (4) (A). 

Maintaining the child's school stability while in out-of-home care is first priority, unless remaining in the school of origin is not in the best interest of the child.

Strategic Plan Goal:  Requirement by Florida Statute 1003.01, 1003.21 and 1003.22


Approval of agenda item attached as submitted.

Evelyn Chastain, Supervisor Elementary Ed/Title I
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4.06 and 4.07 Board Policy Revisions 11_30_16.pdf