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School Board of Clay County
February 7, 2019 - Regular School Board Meeting
C2 - Student Information Systems Software

The Synergy Education Platform is an all-in-one solution that coordinates needs related to student information, learning and assessment outcomes, and special education goals and objectives.  The SIS provides all of the data points necessary for process management functionality, and provides a solution that helps districts manage student data, improve accuracy, simplify and automate processes and increase productivity.  In short, the Synergy solution maximizes connectedness.


Gap Analysis

A student information system that replaces our current SIS (Focus) with a fully integrated system that allows the district to merge multiple data systems into one comprehensive solution. Edupoint will allow us to bring together local assessment, specialized instruction systems (IEP and 504), state reporting, grade book, ELL, health records, etc., for a more a more robust data analysis and extensive reporting/sharing solution.


Previous Outcomes

The District fully launched Focus as its primary SIS in the 2012-13 academic year. The Focus system currently falls short in bringing together the various software the district uses and requires us to train across multiple platforms instead of targeted professional development on a single system.

Expected Outcomes

One system that provides a single place for teachers, staff, and administration to input student data, removing the need to train on multiple platforms that will streamline the way employees interact with the system and reduce time out of the classroom for training.

Strategic Plan Goal

Goal 4 - Create effective data systems and train individuals to leverage information.


Recommend the Board approve the Edupoint contract.

Michael McAuley, Assistant Superintendent for Climate and Culture, - Jeremy Bunkley, Director of Information Services,
Financial Impact
$1,673,158 over split over 5 years ($334,631.60 per year) This cost does not account for the reduction of other program costs and associated training until they are removed.
Review Comments
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