Agenda Plus
School Board of Clay County
District Multi-Purpose Center, Corner of Walnut St. and Gratio Pl., Green Cove Springs, FL
January 25, 2022 - School Board Workshop
Date: Jan 25 2022 (9:00 a.m.)
Invocation  (Ashley Gilhousen)
Call to Order  (Present: Janice Kerekes, District 1; Mary Bolla (participated via teleconferencing), District 2; Beth Clark, District 3; Tina Bullock, District 4; Ashley Gilhousen, District 5; and Superintendent David Broskie)
Workshop Items
1. Review Draft Agenda for Regular School Board Meeting on February 3, 2022
February-3-2022-regular-school-board-meeting_agenda_packet (1).pdf

Recognitions and Presentations:

  • Recognition of Clay County Student Athletes of the Month - no discussion;
  • Recognition of 2021-2022 School Related Employee of the Year and Teacher of the Year Finalists - no discussion;
  • Ceremonial Signing of the Ratified Clay County Education Association Contract - no discussion;
  • Ceremonial Signing of the Ratified Clay Educational Staff Professional Association Contract - no discussion;
  • Career and Technical Education Presentation - no discussion;

Consent Agenda:

  • C1 Minutes of School Board Workshop on December 14, 2021; Student Discipline Hearings and Regular Meeting on January 6, 2022 - no discussion;
  • C2 Personnel Consent Agenda - brief discussion of revised job description for school counselor;
  • C3 Complete Salary Schedule 2021-2022 - no discussion;
  • C4 K-12 Academic Services Out of State and Overnight Student Travel - no discussion;
  • C5 Proclamation #22-08 to Establish February 2022 as Black History Month in Clay County Public Schools - no discussion;
  • C6 MOU Between University of South Florida Board of Trustees and The School Board of Clay County - no discussion;
  • C7 Proclamation #22-09 for Career and Technical Education Month - no discussion;
  • C8 Affiliation Agreement between Clay County District Schools and University of Florida - no discussion;
  • C9 Proclamation #22-10 for National School Counseling Week - no discussion;
  • C10 Dental Agreement with Baker County Health Department - brief discussion of the schedule and number of visits re mobile dental services scheduled to begin in the Wilkinson area and rotate throughout the district as well as the necessity of partnering with Baker Health Department because Clay DOH has been unable to hire the personnel necessary to provide this service;
  • C11 Updated 2020-2022 School Health Services Plan - no discussion;
  • C12 Proposed Allocation Changes for 2021-22 - no discussion;
  • C13 Monthly Financial Reports for December, 2021 - no discussion;
  • C14 Budget Amendment Report for December, 2021 - no discussion;
  • C15 Approval of the 2022-2023 Payroll Calendars - no discussion;
  • C16 Deletion of Certain Items Report - January, 2022 - no discussion;
  • C17 Keystone Heights Elementary School New Cafeteria/Classrooms Construction Manager Contract Award - brief discussion of starting date and timeframe and request by Mrs. Bullock to receive a copy of the plan;
  • C18 Davis Demographics - Independent Services/Support Agreement for Clay County District Schools - Mrs. Kerekes expressed support and the value this plan will provide, particularly during periods of redistricting;
  • C19 Pre-Qualification of Contractors - no discussion;

Discussion Agenda:

  • D1 Attorney Client Session pursuant to Florida Statute 286.011(8).  THIS SESSION IS CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC AND TO ANYONE OTHER THAN THOSE PERSONS DESIGNATED IN FLORIDA STATUTE 286.011(8) - Superintendent Broskie recommended to the board that this item be heard last during the February meeting; Bruce Bickner, School Board Attorney, advised he is required by statute to advise the board of this item in an open meeting and indicated the need to meet with the board for their advice on this case in order to ratify the results of a previously held mediation;
  • D2 Human Resources Special Action A - no discussion.

Superintendent Broskie advised the board there will be an additional item added relative to substitutes that would provide a daily supplement of $20 as a way to increase the pay of substitutes and attract individuals to this position.  He also outlined a new marketing initiative that would enable a parent to substitute at their child's school.

Questions from the Audience  (None)
Superintendent Comments
2. Superintendent's Comments

Superintendent Broskie advised his attendance at the February meeting will be virtual due to his participation in the Chief Executive Officer Leadership Development Program (CEOLDP) training, which conflicts with the board meeting date and is not offered at an alternate time.  

The official launch of SaferWatch is February 1st and there will be a news conference with Clay County Sheriff's Office and related agencies.

A list of district events was also distributed to board members.

School Board Comments
3. School Board Member Comments

Mrs. Gilhousen requested consideration for an alternate time to hold Board Workshop/Agenda Review due to a conflict with a teaching position she will begin soon.  Superintendent Broskie inquired into the possibility of her flexing time or attending virtually to minimize the impact on district staff's regular working hours and further indicated he would accommodate the board's decision.  Mr. Bickner confirmed these changes would not require formal board approval and can be revised with board consensus.

Mrs. Clark advised she is happy about the proposed substitute solution and is still concerned about the pay.  Mr. Broskie indicated that the proposed addition of $20 per day is strategized to deal with the current situation, but a long-term solution to substitute pay must still be addressed in general.  Mrs. Clark also encouraged reading the bills currently in the legislation as she has concerns with some of the proposed legislation.

Mrs. Bullock will be adding an item to the agenda to appoint a prior applicant to the Citizen Advisory Committee, in order to fill a position vacated by an alternate in her district.

Adjournment  (9:40 a.m.)
Superintendent of Schools Board Chair