Agenda Plus
School Board of Clay County
July 21, 2016 - Regular School Board Meeting
C11 - Medicaid Administrative Claiming (MAC) Agreement with the School Board of Seminole County 2016-17.

Medicaid Claiming is conducted as part of a consortium of which Seminole County is the group agent.  Collection and distribution of required data is most efficiently handled via the consortium.  Adoption of the MAC contract with Seminole County will enable billing for Medicaid Administrative Claiming with minimal sampling of staff and consequent data analysis of the sampling.


Continue MAC contract with Seminole County.

Terry D. Roth, Director, Exceptional Student Education and Student Services
Financial Impact
There is no financial cost to the district. Any costs are borne by the Florida Bureau of Exceptional and Student Services Education special project.
Review Comments
MAC Agreement with Seminole County 16 17.pdf