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School Board of Clay County
July 21, 2020 - School Board Special Board Meeting
Approval for the Purchase of Ready LAFS Student Instruction Books for 2020-2021

Ready Florida was designed to give K–6 students of all levels that opportunity with accessible, engaging instruction. The Ready Florida program uses a problem-solving-based approach that strengthens students’ learning and builds conceptual understanding through reasoning, practice, and productive discussion using real-world scenarios. Through Ready Florida English Language Arts, learners of all levels become active participants in their own learning, fortified by deep knowledge and reasoning skills that stay with them in their years ahead. Teachers get the guidance and tools they need to help them meet the needs of all learners while strengthening their instructional practice. Ready Florida English Language Arts support teachers in differentiating instruction for small groups and individuals, enabling all students to receive the instruction they need to build their confidence and help them grow. Ready Florida English Language Arts’s rigorous yet supportive content is proven to make today’s demanding standards reachable for all students. Its complex, authentic texts engage students in opportunities to practice close reading strategies across a variety of genres and formats.

Ready English Language Arts instruction uses a consistent Read, Think, Talk, Write model in which teacher-led discussion and small group collaboration are central to student achievement. Lessons scaffold to build students’ confidence as they develop important critical thinking and analytical skills. Students are immediately engaged by the variety of real-world source texts, from literature and poetry to blogs and news articles.

Ready Florida English Language Arts supports students and teachers with a wealth of on- and off-grade level resources. 

The program:

  • Develops sound skills and strategies for reading comprehension

  • Supports a balance of on-grade level and differentiated instruction

  • Offers teachers the easy-to-use online Ready Teacher Toolbox, loaded with all K–8 lessons and materials to support learners at every level

  • Provides in-the-moment teacher support to guide teachers and help them build students’ reading habits

  • Connects instruction to the LAFS across K–8 for a coherent path within and across grades

Gap Analysis

Teachers have expressed the desire to use instructional material that will support instruction to develop sound skills and strategies for reading comprehension with a balance of on-grade level, rigorous text, and differentiated instruction.

Previous Outcomes

Clay schools have demonstrated increases in ELA proficiency as measured by the iReady Diagnostic assessments (see chart attached).

Expected Outcomes

Teachers will have the ability to provide the appropriate level of ELA/Reading instruction to students in grade 2-6 leading up to state assessment.  The Ready LAFS student instruction books contain 20 lessons that are strictly aligned to the FL standards and provide students multiple opportunities to grapple with the grade-level complex text that mirrors the complexity of the state assessments. Teachers will be provided professional development on the appropriate use of this resource in order to achieve a successful implementation.  It is expected that student proficiency will increase throughout all state assessed grades in elementary after completing these lessons.

Strategic Plan Goal

Goal 1:  Develop a High Quality & Aligned Instructional System

Strategy 1.1:  Provide teachers and students with the tools and resources necessary to meet the demands of the Florida Standards and students' individual needs. 


That the Clay County School Board approve the purchase of Ready LAFS student instruction books with teacher resources for grades 2-6 for 2020-2021 school year.

Roger Dailey, Chief Academic Officer, 904.336.6904
Financial Impact
Not to exceed $120,000 from Reading Instruction allocation and/or Instructional Materials
Review Comments
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