Agenda Plus
School Board of Clay County
July 23, 2018 - School Board Special Meeting
Job Description for Chief of Elementary Education

In an effort to reorganize the support provided by the Division of Curriculum and Instruction, this new job description will allow the district to operationalize the strategic plan efforts and systemic reform to improve student achievement and staff effectiveness in elementary schools within the district.  This position will assist the Superintendent in the operation of all elementary schools assigned in accordance with the mission, vision, strategic goals and objectives of the Clay County District Schools through the facilitation of curriculum, instruction, and assessment support services.  This position will monitor student academic achievement and provide support services to help schools achieve desired results.

Gap Analysis
Previous Outcomes
Expected Outcomes
Strategic Plan Goal

That the School Board approve the job description for Chief of Elementary Education.

Addison Davis, Superintendent of Schools;
Financial Impact
Review Comments
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