Agenda Plus
School Board of Clay County
Accounts Payable Conference Room, 814 Walnut Street, Green Cove Springs
July 25, 2017 - School Board Workshop
Date: Jul 25 2017 (9:00 a.m.)
Call to Order  (Present: Janice Kerekes, District 1; Carol Studdard, District 2 (arrived at 9:25 a.m.); Betsy Condon, District 3; Mary Bolla, District 4; Ashley Gilhousen, District 5; and Superintendent Addison Davis. )
Workshop Items
1. Review Draft Agenda for Regular School Board Meeting on August 3, 2017
August 3, 2017 DRAFT AGENDA.pdf

Presenters:  Cenergistics will give an update on our partnership with the company, including an analysis of cost savings.

  • C1 Minutes of previous meetings - No Discussion
  • C2 Dell Purchase Agreement -  3-year lease agreement as opposed to purchasing Chromebooks that become obsolete in 2-4 years;
  • C3 Personnel Consent Agenda - job description and allocation for Attorney's secretary forthcoming; will be designated a confidential position;
  • C4 Bricks 4Kidz - No Discussion
  • C5 Advertise Instructional Resources Manual - explains the adoption process and how we select and approve instructional materials; summary of updates will be added as backup;
  • C6 Student Travel - No Discussion
  • C7 Cooperative Agreement with BCC & DJJ - provides collaborative services to parents and students returning from DJJ;
  • C8  Agreement with AMI Kids - provides an alternative setting for male students; housed at CHS;   PACE renewal should be forthcoming?
  • C9 Dual Enrollment Articulation Agreement -students enroll in SJRSC college course allowing them to earn both college credits and high school credits;
  • C10 Collegiate High School with St. Johns River State College - renews the contract for another year at Orange Park High School;  Middleburg High School will come online in 17-18;
  • C11 Navy Natl Defense Cadet Corps for OLH - this program is a precursor to being granted full NJROTC status;
  • C12 Family Education Program - intervention for students with drug and alcohol infractions; parent and student must attend together;
  • C13 Proposed Allocation Changes - backup will be added today; 
  • C14 Warrants and Vouchers for June 2017 - No Discussion
  • C15 Petty Cash Funds - provides cash on hand for small miscellaneous purchases; not all schools request petty cash;  
  • C16 - C20  - Routine Property Items - No Discussion
  • C21 Pre-Qualification of Contractors - No Discussion
  • C22 School Naming Committee for Elem "Y" - someone will reach out to Bill Garrison to see if he still wants to be involved; committee will identify 5 names submitted to Superintendent who will select 3 to go to the Board;
  • C23 CW Civil Engineering Award - manage and inspect projects under the authorized limit;
  • C24 CW Architect Award - design, manage and inspect any projects under the authorized limit;
  • C25 Petty Cash/Change Fund for Cafe Mgrs -for small expenditures;
  • C26  Mobile Food Truck - great opportunity for students, especially Culinary Academy; purchases are also available to students receiving free/reduced lunches; 
  • D1 Value Adjustment Board - will consider names for citizen member;
  • D2 Modification of Impact Fee Collection - issue will go before BCC; Board can provide input regarding options;
  • D3 Authorization to Challenge HB 7069 - Board can discuss whether to participate in lawsuit; need commitment by mid-August; Mr. D'Agata will forward more information to the Board prior to discussion at Aug 3 meeting;
  • D4 HR Special Action A - No Discussion
  • D5 Public Hearing on Student Progression Plan - summary of updates to be upload as backup;
  • D6 Public Hearing on ESE SP & P Manual - no major changes;
  • D7 Public Hearing on Code of Conduct - No Discussion;
  • D8 Resolution 17-03 for Sale of COP's (School Board) -  refinance to lower rate; remaining balance from 4.25 interest rate to 1.75;
  • D9 Recess (procedural item)
  • D10 Resolution 17-04 for Sale of COP's (Leasing Corp)  - two entities; each must adopt the resolution; Ford & Associates will be present at meeting to answer questions; this item should be taken up first at the meeting;
  • D11 Adjourn (procedural item)

Note for the record - Deleted or moved items may result in the renumbering of Consent and Discussion agenda item numbers prior to final publication of this Regular meeting agenda.

Closing Comments/Questions:

  • Supplemental instructional materials - Anything in Tier 1, 2, or 3 would be approved following procedures set forth in Instructional Resources Manual.
  • Questions pertaining to Superintendent's "Reflections on First Six Months" can be directed to Mr. Davis.
  • Superintendent gave a status report on Orange Park Performing Arts Academy; a written analysis will be sent to the Board;
  • The Board, by consensus, agreed not to proceed with mediation in a lawsuit in which the Board is not a party:


Questions from the Audience
Superintendent Comments
School Board Comments
Adjournment  (9:59 a.m.)
Superintendent of Schools School Board Chairman