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School Board of Clay County
June 1, 2017 - Regular School Board Meeting
C10 - Approval of Certified Leadership Coaching (The University of Florida, Lastinger Center for Learning)

The University of Florida's Certified Instructional Leadership Coach program is designed as an intentional, powerful strategy to build the capacity of the principals to continuously improve the quality of teaching and learning occuring in their schools. Certified instructional leadership coaches are a foundational building block to assess the quality of instruction and provide actionable feedback that improves teacher effectiveness. The University of Florida's goal is to work closely with the district for the next two years to develop a strong cadre of certified instructional leadership coaches that have deep expertise and obtain substantial success in advancing student outcomes.

In 2017-18, all Clay County School District principals will attend a three day intensive Summer Institute for Instructional Coaching to build background knowledge in the following areas:

  • Aligning instructional leadership with the Four Principles of Quality Instruction;
  • creating highly effective professional development opportunities;
  • Building and sustaining effective communities of practice;
  • Providing job-embedded professional learning structures;
  • Coaching research and alignment to the district's instructional framework.

Participants will be introduced to the University of Florida Lastinger Coaching Model and by the ned of the institute each participant will:

  • Grasp the principles of adult learning and the job-embedded professional learning needed to support adult learning;
  • Understand and absorb a comprehensive framework for effective teaching that synthesizes elements from multiple observation systems and provides instructional strategies to improve teacher practice;
  • Learn the fundamentals of instructional leadership that support collaborative learning, including:                  
    • Learn how to structure and lead collaborative learning communities;
    • Utilize observation and feedback cycles to improve teachers' practice;
    • Create a learning culture that has high expectations with scaffolded supports;
    • Develop skills to facilitate job-embedded professional learning;
    • Practice strategies for engaging in reflective discourse based on ideas contained in different kinds of "texts";
    • Develop a clear sense  of the role of facilitator in engaging colleagues in collaborative conversations about practice.

Currently the Clay County School District principals participated in one orientation session with the University of Florida facilitators to become more knowledgeable about the goals, objectives and learning experiences of next year. Over this course of study, the principals will build a Community of Practice and understand the principles of adult learning while developing a skillset for leading collaborative learning communities. There will also be a focus on developing the role of a facilitator in engaging colleagues in collaborative conversations while actively participating in professional learning. 

Gap Analysis

During winter 2016-17, the district identified the need to provide additional specific professional development tailored to meet the needs of the district's principals. The district recognizes that the professional development principals receive directly impacts their ability to build a school's capacity for improvement. Research shows that to implement change within a school, principals must understand and be able to navigate their role as the instructional leader and coach of teachers. As an instructional leader principals are responsible for the academic progress of every student and building the capacity of all teachers. After reviewing the Winter 2016-17 administration of the TNTP Insight data, it was clear that there is a need to focus on providing quality professional learning to principals. Survey results indicate that teachers feel the need for strengthening instructional support for meaningful observation and feedback and developing peer culture. These are areas that will be addressed through the Lastinger professional learning model. The data below provides an illustration of the teachers' perceptions:







Overall Satisfaction with Observation and Feedback




Overall Satisfaction with Peer Culture




Instructional Culture Index Score




Overall Satisfaction with Instructional Planning and Student Growth




Overall Satisfaction with Family and Community Engagement




To accomplish our goals of accelerating student achievement and providing supports and structures for teachers, the district is thinking differently about professional learning for administrators. The goal is to expose all leaders to research-based strategies that have resulted in overall improvement in both teaching and learning. Therefore in 2017-18, the district will enter into a year-long contract with the University of Florida's Lastinger Center for Learning to provide professional development to principals in Instructional Coaching. This opportunity will allow every principal to complete the necessary blended-learning modules to obtain certification in Instructional Coaching.

Previous Outcomes

Not applicable- new program. 

Expected Outcomes

With the implementation of the University of Florida's Lastinger Certifeid Instructional Leadership Coaching program, the capacity of our school administrators to coach teachers and lead professional development conversations increases. We want to move away from a traditional model of one-or-two observations-per school-year, to frequent, actionable, precise coaching of teachers to improve student learning. The observation-feedback model is designed for principals to coach teachers in ways that drive student learning. The expected outcome for all principals to obtain certfication for Instructional Coaching. 

Strategic Plan Goal

Not applicable at this time. 


That the Clay County School Board approve the University of Florida's Lastinger Certified Instructional Leadership Coaching program for Clay County School District's school principals. This agreement will not exceed $60,060.00.

That the Clay County School Board authorize the Board Chairwoman, and in the event of her absence, the Vice Chairwoman and Superintendent to execute the contract contigent upon approval as to legal form an sufficiency by the School Board attorney. 

Ms. Kathleen "Katie" Moeller Director of Professional Learning, Leadership Development and School Choice 904-284-6547
Financial Impact
In 2017-18, the district will engage in a contract with the University of Florida's Lastinger Center of Learning for $60,060 from the Clay County School District's Faculty and Teacher Leadership grant awarded by the state of Florida.
Review Comments
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