Agenda Plus
School Board of Clay County
June 1, 2017 - Regular School Board Meeting
C16 - Review & Approve the renewal of the District's third party adjusters, Johns Eastern Company

Annual renewal of third party adjuster (TPA) for Workers Compensation and Liability for self-insured programs.

Gap Analysis

The District has a mandatory obligation to contract with a TPA to assist in the management of our self-insurance programs.  JECO is a proven industry leader at providing expert claims adjusting and administration services.  Their TPA services assist the District with workers' compensation claims, medical bill reviews, as well as major property and casualty claims.  The District has utilized JECO's services since 2000. During this time their pricing has stayed competitive and we've benefited from no cost increases since 2015-2016.

2014-2015   220 Claims   $85,098

2015-2016   220 Claims   $87,651

2016-2017   220 Claims   $87,651

2017-2018   239 Claims   $97,257

2018-2019   239 Claims   $97,257

2019-2020   239 Claims  $102,535


Previous Outcomes

It has been normal practice to negotiate pricing with JECO and present three year amendment of original contract.  This is our 11th extension with JECO.  Pricing has stayed reasonable for the services provided and we've experienced low increases over the course of our agreement.

Expected Outcomes

The three year renewals is intended to provide the Clay County District Schools with the type claims management that is needed to maintain business as required by Florida laws & statutes, while minimizing the district's exposure to losses.

Strategic Plan Goal

The district ensures fiscal responsibility and equitable distribution of resources.


To obtain the School Board's approval and acceptance of the Superintendent's recommendation of  Johns Eastern Company's,  Addendum 11, 3-year Third Party Adjuster renewal.


Dr. Susan M. Legutko Assistant Superintendent for Business Affairs 284-6571
Financial Impact
$297,049 (total of 3-year agreement) * Year 1 = $96,257 * Year 2 = $96,257 * Year 3 = $102,535
Review Comments
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