Agenda Plus
School Board of Clay County
June 1, 2017 - Regular School Board Meeting
C5 - Renewal of University of North Florida Memorandum of Understanding/Affiliation Agreement with Clay County School Board - SPRINT teachers

A collaborative agreement between University of North Florida College of Education and Clay County School Board.  The 2017-2018 Affiliation Agreement/Memorandum of Understanding allows the continuation of the present SPRINT/EXCEL teaching positions.  Approval will allow us to continue this cooperative relationship with UNF.  SPRINT teachers, through this agreement, work with UNF Field Placement office instructing and placing interns and students of education who require field experience observations within Clay County schools. The collaboration between UNF and Clay County has greatly benefited both the School District and the University.  Clay County gains top teachers through this agreement every year due to their experiences in Clay County schools and the mock interviews of graduating interns.  

Gap Analysis


Previous Outcomes

Clay County has had a positive working experience with the University of North Florida and the placement of their interns in Clay County’s schools.  These interns have had positive work experiences and the majority chose to teach in Clay County upon receiving their Florida professional certificates

Expected Outcomes

To continue collaboration with the University of North Florida in providing field experience and placement of interns.  Clay County anticipates the hiring of these placed University of North Florida students as full-time instructional personnel upon graduation.


Strategic Plan Goal

SPRINT instructors will work closely with the University of North Florida in the instruction and placement of interns and provide instruction and field experiences for students as needed.  SPRINT teachers will collaborate with intern supervisors and provide feedback from school leaders. SPRINT teachers also collaborate with Clay County administrators in seeking new teachers for their schools.


Approval of three year extension of the Affiliation Agreement between the University of North Florida and School District of Clay County.

David S. Broskie, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources. 904.529.4908 Brenda Troutman, Director of Instructional Personnel Services 904.529.4916
Financial Impact
Cost to Clay County School Board is one-half each of the two SPRINT/teacher salaries and benefits.
Review Comments
Affilitation Agreement MOU UNF 6 2017.pdf