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Agenda Plus
School Board of Clay County
June 24, 2021 - Regular School Board Meeting
C7 - Contract between Pace Center for Girls, Inc. and School Board of Clay County

A collaborative agreement between the School Board of Clay County and Pace Center for Girls, Inc., to address the needs of female students in Clay County.  This program works in conjunction with the Department of Juvenile Justice, to provide an educational program and related services for eligible female students (up to 44 students).  This program focuses on student needs dealing with specialized counseling, credit recovery services, life skills, positive gender identification, community service learning projects, and career exploration.  Students attend the program for approximately 1 year.  The collaboration between the two organizations has allowed students to seek an alternative setting to a previously unsuccessful environment. 

Gap Analysis

The district monitors the program and their intervention strategies in order to yield positive results in the areas of academics, social behavior, and the number of students who successfully return to their home school.

Previous Outcomes

Pace earned a school accountablilty rating of "Commendable", which is the highest rating possible, in the 2020-21 DJJ Accountablity Report.  


Expected Outcomes

By continuing the collaboration with Pace Center for Girls, Inc, it is expected that students will be identified by the secondary schools, Bannerman Learning Center, recommended by parents, and/or the student volunteers for the program.  Pace Center for Girls, Inc. is notified by any of these sources and students are oriented to the program.  Once the students are enrolled, they begin the counseling program offered and then the credit/course recovery program begins.  Periodic meetings take place to review outcomes and to communicate with the District on proposed return dates of the students.  Through the District plan, students are able to recoup credits and, therefore, remain on track to either be promoted or to earn the necessary credits towards graduation.  Curriculum deficiencies are addressed, counseling and behavior therapy takes place, increasing the likelihood of success for the students.

Strategic Plan Goal

Goal 3: Establish a respectful climate and culture that provides equity and access to all.

Strategy 3.1: Engage stakeholders to strengthen and build a collaborative and constructive environment that encourages high expectations for all.


That the Clay County School Board approve the contract between Pace Center for Girls, Inc. and the School Board of Clay County.

Roger Daily, Chief Academic Officer;, 904-336-6905
Treasure Pickett, Director of K-12 Academic Services;, 904-336-6918
Financial Impact
Clay County allocates 95% of an FTE to Pace Center for Girls, Inc.; 5% of an FTE is allocated to the School Board of Clay County.
Review Comments
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