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School Board of Clay County
June 28, 2018 - Regular School Board Meeting
C15 - 2017-2018 S.R.E.F. Casualty, Safety, Sanitation, Relocatable and Fire Safety Inspection Report

The School District of Clay County is required to conduct an Annual Casualty, Safety, Sanitation Inspection Report as well as an Annual Relocatable and Fire Safety Inspection by persons licensed and proficient with applicable Rules and Standards.  These Inspection Reports were performed by in-house licensed and qualified personnel and are available for public review.

Gap Analysis

Local fire officials and public school districts must employ or contract with an individual certified as a fire-safety inspector in compliance with Section 633.081, Florida Statutes, in order to conduct a comprehensive fire safety inspection of each public school facility annually.  x.1013.12, F.S. and s. 1013.38, F.S. become effective on July 1, 2011.

Previous Outcomes

The SREF/Fire-Safety Inspections was accomplished with two inspectors and completed without disrupting the school for more than a couple of hours.  The school custodian is usually available and walks the school with the inspector and takes notes on most deficiencies that are also part of the report.  The schools than fix or place work orders for deficiencies found and return a letter stating all items completed or Work Order placed.

Expected Outcomes

The SREF/Fire Safety Inspections will be done with only one inspector and may be a concern with the school testing and volume of work.  The schedule will be put out to the schools and the plan is to try and schedule around the testing dates.  The inspector understands the importance of the testing and will always work with the schools with this matter.

Strategic Plan Goal

Ensure effective management of the organization, operations and facilities to maximize the use of resources and promote a safe, efficient and effective learning environment for Clay County students.  SDCC educational facilities should provide top tier facilities that afford teachers and students the ability to reach their highest potential.


Approve the District 2017-2018 Casualty, Safety, Sanitation, Relocatable and Fire Safety Inspection Report.

Dr. Michael Kemp Assistant Superintendent of Operations (904) 336-6824
Financial Impact
All deficiencies will be corrected at the school level or by the Maintenance department and funded by Part III Capital Outlay funds.
Review Comments
201718 Elementary SREF Inspections.pdf
201718 Junior High and High SREF Inspections.pdf