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School Board of Clay County
June 4, 2020 Regular School Board Meeting
C6 - Health-Tech Consultants, Inc. - Letter of Agreement

This agreement is between the Clay County School Board and Health-Tech, Inc., an independent contractor, to act as a representative to coordinate 21st Century CCLC activities.  This organization provides services that collects data, analyses the data, and then reports back to the 21st Century CCLC and the School Board the results of the program.  This information is then placed in a report by the District Project Director and sent to State and Federal agencies.  The technical assistance provided by Health-Tech Consultants is critical in managing the grant give by Federal agencies.

Gap Analysis

This grant is issued to the District to provide services to four (4) elementary schools - Clay Hill Elementary, Montclair Elementary, Keystone Heights Elementary, and Ridgeview Elementary - in order to provide after school services to qualified students.  Without this grant, the services would not be able to be offered to those communities.

Previous Outcomes

The grant provides the before mentioned elementary schools educational opportunitites.  Each school must meet prescribed goals in order to continue the program.  On average, these schools have allowed approximately 90-100 students attend for a daily three-hour period.  Tutoring services are offered along with outside vendors to help deliver opportunitites that would not be available to these families.

Expected Outcomes

As mentioned in the "Previous Outcomes" section, this program allows for disadvantaged children to experience educational opportunitites not otherwise available.  Between 90-100 students at each of the four school participate in the program with deliverables having to be met. There is also evidence of increased academic performance that can be related to this program.

Strategic Plan Goal

Goal and Strategy: Goal 3: Establish a respectful climate and culture that provides equity and access to all. 

Strategy 3:3 Address the needs of all students with multiple opportunities enrichment.


Approve the agreement between the School Board and Health-Tech Consultants, Inc.

Michael Wingate, Director K-12 Academic Services 904-336-6918
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