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School Board of Clay County
June 7, 2018 - Regular School Board Meeting
C14 - St. John's Country Day - Manage Change: Build Buy-in and Commitment - Rubicon Consultant Group

This is a private school using their Title IIA funds that we manage. 

Two full-day onsite sessions to support teachers as curriculum writers. This will include guidance in the process of designing units aligned to school outcomes. Teachers will determine the central focus of a unit by selecting outcomes and key understandings. The consultant will assist teachers in unpacking outcomes into clear learning targets by articulating what students need to know, understand, and do as a result of a unit of instruction. 

Gap Analysis

The teachers are not currently adept at understanding the rigor of the Florida Standards. 

Previous Outcomes


Expected Outcomes
  • Gain a clear understanding of how to unpack standards into content and skills.
  • Develop meaningful and aligned assessments in Atlas.
  • Outline the key learning activities and resources for the unit. 
Strategic Plan Goal

GOAL 1: INSTRUCTION: Ensure that every classroom provides a quality and rigorous instructional experience in order to elevate student outcomes, or …..To provide Clay County students with the highest quality teaching and learning processes available, or Improve Instructional Framework, Processes, and Structures that Enrich Student Achievement


That the Clay County School Board approve acceptance of St. John's Country Day's Professional Development with Rubicon International funded through the state's Title IIA Grant. Not to exceed the contract amount of $6,500.00. 

Kathleen "Katie" Moeller Director of Professional Development, Leadership Development, ESOL, School Choice & Charter Kathleen.Moeller@myoneclaynet. 904-336-6966
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