Agenda Plus
School Board of Clay County
June 7, 2018 - Regular School Board Meeting
D1 - School Resource Officer and Safety Agreement with Clay County Sheriff's Office, July 2018 - September 2018

Consider proposed funding and contract options to meet the requirements of the recently enacted Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act, to include draft agreement with the Clay County (FL) Board of County Commissioners and the Clay County Sheriff’s Office School Resource Officer (SRO) program, to include one full-time police officer at four (4) of our junior high schools: Wilkinson Jr. High School, Lakeside Jr. High School, Lake Asbury Jr. High School, and Oakleaf Jr. High School.  Of note is that all Parties are currently performing through September 30, 2018, one such agreement known as the 2017-18 Safety and Education Articulation Agreement, a complete and accurate copy of which is attached to this agenda item.

Gap Analysis
Previous Outcomes

The CCSO SRO program has a long and positive relationship with the SDCC, providing services at public schools for over 25 years.  The district uses funds from its Safe Schools state allocation and reimburses the Sheriff’s Office for the services.  The CCSO maintains records concerning the performance of services provided by the deputies from the Youth Resource Unit (YRU).  These services have been beneficial in the enforcement of law services, the reduction of illegal activities on school property, the activation of Baker Act’s when necessary, and an increase in the positive interaction between law enforcement and students.  Educational instruction concerning the law and illegal activities are shared with students.

Expected Outcomes

The presence of the SRO’s on the campuses will help to strengthen relationships between the local sheriff’s department and families in the community.  This will also improve relationships between students and their local sheriff’s office, resulting in higher quality interactions within the neighborhoods, ultimately creating a more cohesive and secure campus environment.  There will be a continuation of educational instruction concerning the law and illegal activities with students, as well as a reduction in the number of aggressive and violent conduct referrals overall.

Strategic Plan Goal

This agreement concerns the safety of students and others that gather on school campuses for community and school-related events.  In order to continue to offer a safe environment, the partnership with the BCC and the CCSO is necessary.


To approve the agreement between the BCC, CCSO and SBCC that is substantially similar to the one attached.

Addison G. Davis, Superintendent of Schools,; Dr. Mike Kemp, Assistant Superintendent for Operations, 904.529.4966 Mr. Bruce Harvin, Coordinator of Operations, 904.336.6846
Financial Impact
$245,878.00 to be paid from General Fund
Review Comments
CCSO summer SRO agreement, May 31, djd, v2 (1).pdf