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School Board of Clay County
March 2, 2017 - Regular School Board Meeting
D6 - Advertise Amendments to School Board Policy 4.06 E for Controlled Open Enrollment

Prior to School Board policy changes, an advertisement must be issued, and a public hearing conducted regarding the policy changes. This policy change is in response to new legislation from the state of Florida.  The legislation requires school districts to have a policy and a plan detailing how the open enrollment procedures will work.

The Florida Legislature recognized the value of an educational system that provides numerous and meaningful options for students and their parents. In order to promote and encourage parental involvement and ensure students have access to a school that meets their needs, the Florida Legislature enacted

Section 1002.31, Florida Statutes, which directs each school district to develop a controlled open enrollment plan. The Clay County School Board has developed a policy to establish how students may attend schools outside of their attendance zone.  Upon approval of this policy, the Clay County Open Enrollment Plan will be brought to the School Board for approval.



The Controlled Open Enrollment policy and plan allows the Clay County School District to make student school assignments using parents’ indicated preferential school choice as a significant factor; previously this has not been the case.


The Clay County School District expects to gain student enrollment through enhanced program options and advertising of the Controlled Open Enrollment plan. Below are the numbers for the schools projected to be under 85% capacity for 2017-18, and the number of student seats available.

2017-18 COE Schools

Available Seats

Elementary K-6

 Coppergate Elementary


 Rideout Elementary


 S Bryan Jennings


 Shadowlawn Elementary


 Swimming Pen Creek Elem


 WE Cherry Elem




Junior High

 Lakeside Junior High


 Orange Park Junior High


Senior High

 Clay High


 Orange Park High


 Ridgeview High




That the Clay County School Board approve the advertisement of Policy 4.06, Student Assignment, revised to comply with Florida Statutes 1002.31.

Katie Moeller, Director Professional Development, School Choice, & Leadership Development
Financial Impact
If all of our schools reached 85% capacity through Controlled Open Enrollment from students outside our district, Clay County District Schools could potentially add 1,557 students; however in the Controlled Open Enrollment policy and plan, open seats are first filled by in-county students.
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