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Agenda Plus
School Board of Clay County
March 5, 2020 Regular School Board Meeting
C14 - Approval of the 2020-2021 Payroll Calendars

The adopted payroll calendar serves as the instrument for the reporting of employees for payroll purposes.  

Gap Analysis

Section V (5.04) of the School Board of Clay County rules states that the School Board shall annually adopt a payroll calendar for pay periods and paydays for the employees of the Board.  Approval of a calendar is necessary to be in compliance with this rule.

Previous Outcomes

All proposes 2020-2021 payroll calendars are developed based on approved work calendars which were adopted December 12, 2019.

Expected Outcomes

Proposed calendars should be approved by the school board.

Strategic Plan Goal

Ensure effective, equitable, and efficient use of resources.


Approve the 2020-2021 payroll calendars.

Dr. Susan Legutko, Assistant Superintendent of Business Affairs, ext. 66721,
Financial Impact
Review Comments
Payroll Calendars 9 month.pdf
Payroll Calendars 10 month.pdf
Payroll Calendars 11 month.pdf
Payroll Calendars 12 month.pdf
Payroll Calendars Florida Youth Challenge Academy.pdf