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Agenda Plus
School Board of Clay County
March 5, 2020 Regular School Board Meeting
C4A - E-Rate

E-Rate Contracts for new Wireless Access Point System, New Battery Backup System, and labor to install Battery Backups

Gap Analysis

The current wireless system for accessing the network is past its refresh cycle and the District is looking to replace it completely for the next school year.  The District does not have a standard in battery backup systems for networking technologies implemented currently.

Previous Outcomes
Expected Outcomes

The District will have a new wireless system, future proofing wireless connectivity for the next five years with providing enhancements over the new system such as ease of connectivity, performance, and security.  The new battery backup system will allow the network, wireless communications, and phones to stay online longer during events that can cause loss of power.

Strategic Plan Goal

Goal 2 - Strategy 2.1 - Improve technology in all classrooms and district buildings.


Recommend awarding the contract for Wireless Access Point System to Presidio.  Recommend awarding the contract for Battery Backup Systems-Hardware to Connection.  Recommend awarding the contract for Battery Backup Systems-Labor to Presidio.

Michael McAuley, Assistant Superintendent for Climate and Culture, michael, - Jeremy Bunkley, Director of Information Services,
Financial Impact
The District only pays 20% of the cost of each contract. Wireless Access Point System Maximum Total Cost - $1,691,065.80, District Share - $338,213.16 Battery Backup System, Hardware Maximum Total Cost - $233,361.90, District Share - $46,672.38. Battery Backup System Labor Maximum Total Cost - $70,656.00 District Share $14,131.20.
Review Comments
BatteryBackup_Hardware_Erate 20-MI-88 Connection.pdf
BatteryBackup_Labor_Erate 20-MI-88 Presidio.pdf
Wireless_Erate 20-MI-87 Presidio.pdf