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Agenda Plus
School Board of Clay County
May 7, 2020 - Regular School Board Meeting
C8 - 19-20 Public Consulting Group, Inc. (PCG) Contract for Medicaid Reimbursement Services

Medicaid is one of many federally funded programs that assist children/families to receive health services.  In 1988, Congress passed legislation that provided medically necessary services for children that have an Individual Education Plan (IEP) in conjunction with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).  In 1995 school districts became eligible to receive reimbursement for school-based services.  Clay County was an early participant in this reimbursement process.  The purpose of this program is to provide reimbursement for medically necessary services provided by the school district for Medicaid-eligible students.  PCG has demonstrated expertise in assisting districts in billing Medicaid for covered services to eligible students.

Gap Analysis

The district has utilized a contract-based fee-for-service Medicaid reimbursement system since 2015. As the district prepares for the movement to Synergy, transitioning to a more comprehensive system for Medicaid claiming is needed.

Previous Outcomes

The district has utilized a technology-based reimbursement system since 2015.  The system was a good initial platform.  As the district needs have evolved, moving to a program that seamlessly incorporates therapy services, behavioral and counseling services, transportation and nursing services is warranted.  The PCG system includes electronic tracking of services and the ability to log progress toward IEP goals.  The system has some customizable features that will decrease the time therapists spend entering documentation.

Expected Outcomes

The combination of web-based documentation, comprehensive electronic health data management, IEP goal logging, and scheduling services will provide a comprehensive solution for documentation and reimbursement

Strategic Plan Goal

Goal 2:  Improve management of district-wide operations and facilities. 


Approve contract for Public Consulting Group, Inc. (PCG) Contract for Medicaid Reimbursement Services

Terry D. Roth, Director, Exceptional Student Education and Student Services, 904-336-6866,
Financial Impact
The projected cost of implementing this contractual agreement is $18,500.00 initially, then approximately $121,000.00 annually. This discrepancy is because the initial contract is for May and June 2020 only. Public Consulting Group, Inc., structures all contracts with a July 1st start date. By beginning the contract in May, the district can transition between the current provider and PCG with no loss of service.
Review Comments
200119 Public Consultin Group_Medicaid Reimbursement Services_Final.pdf