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Agenda Plus
School Board of Clay County
May 7, 2020 - Regular School Board Meeting
C6 - Summer Programs 2020

Due to the current pandemic situation, the regular Summer Programs offered each year have been altered to a virtual format.  Some changes in the summer calendar have been made and the Summer Programs Manual has been updated to reflect these changes.  The following programs will be offered through virtual instruction:

  • 3rd Grade Summer Reading Camp
  • 6th Grade/Junior High Grade Recovery
  • High School Credit Recovery
  • Algebra 1 Credit Recovery ESE Only
  • Algebra 1 - Boot Camp (Will be offered IF there is summer EOC testing)
  • 11th-12th ESOL Summer Reading

The following program will still be offered at the original site (Fleming Island Elementary):

  • Voluntary Pre-K Summer Program
Gap Analysis

By offering these programs, the District will help keep students progressing forward either in their reading skills or seeking grade/credit recovery.  The benefit of these programs mostly impacts struggling or at-risk students.


Previous Outcomes

In the 2018-19 Summer Program, there were 759 successful completions of the courses by the "6th Grade/Junior High/High School" students.  The "3rd Grade Summer Reading Camp" had 91 students participate, the "Boot Camp" had 287 students, and the "ESOL" program benefitted approximately 25 students.


Expected Outcomes

Due to the current situation, it is expected that there will be fewer participants this year.  However, it is the goal of the programs to maintain the success rate that has been demonstrated in the past.


Strategic Plan Goal

Goal: Develop a High Quality and Aligned Instructional System

Strategy:  1.1.4 Explore innovative program options for rigorous opportunities at the elementary and secondary levels.


To approve the proposed calendar for the Virtual Summer Program - 2020


Roger Dailey: Asst. Superintendent - Curriculum and Instruction; Michael Wingate: Dir. of Academic Services;
Financial Impact
$143,844.07 (This includes ESE and Regular Education Programs)
Review Comments
May 2020 - Virtual Summer School Calendar 2020.pdf
May 2020 - 2020 Virtual Summer Programs Manual.pdf