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School Board of Clay County
November 20, 2018 - School Board Organization Meeting
Establish Date and Time of Meetings

Florida Statute 1001.371 Organization of district school board.—In November of each year, the district school board shall organize by electing a chair. In an election year, that date shall coincide with the requirements of s. 100.041(3)(a). It may elect a vice chair, and the district school superintendent shall act ex officio as the secretary. If a vacancy should occur in the position of chair, the district school board shall proceed to elect a chair at the next ensuing regular or special meeting. At the organization meeting, the district school superintendent shall act as chair until the organization is completed. The chair and secretary shall then make and sign a copy of the proceedings of organization, including the schedule for regular meetings and the names and addresses of all district school officers, and annex their affidavits that the same is a true and correct copy of the original, and the secretary shall file the document within 2 weeks with the Department of Education. This section does not apply to any school district with a district school board chair who is elected by districtwide vote.

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