Agenda Plus
School Board of Clay County
District Office accounts Payable Conference Room, 814 Walnut Street, Green Cove Springs
November 26, 2018 - School Board Workshop
Date: Nov 26 2018 (8:00 a.m.)
Invocation  (Carol Studdard)
Call to Order  (Present: Janice Kerekes, District 1; Carol Studdard, District 2; Tina Bullock, District 3; Mary Bolla, District 4; Ashley Gilhousen, District 5; and Superintendent Addison Davis. )
Workshop Items
1. Review Draft Agenda for Regular School Board Meeting on December 6, 2018
DRAFT Dec 6 Agenda Board Review 11.26.18.pdf

Recognitions:  Jim Harbin Student Media Festival winners


  • C1 Minutes of previous meetings - no discussion
  • C2 Proposed Student Calendar for 2020-2021 - earlier end date; students' last day May 28; 
  • C3 Controlled Open Enrollment Plan for 2019-2020 - 85% threshold; 11 schools open; enrollment period is Jan 21 - Feb 22;
  • C4 Advertisement and Notice to adopt proposed revisions to SB Policies 1.05-1.13 and 5.08 - no discussion
  • C5 Settlement of Mitchell v. CCSB - district's insurer will reimburse $100,000;
  • C6 Personnel Consent Agenda - Professional Development department changes; job description for CCEF Executive Director downgraded; 
  • C7 Purchase of Ready LAFS Instruction Consumable Books - paid through Instructional Materials funds; Superintendent discussed the rationale for purchase and implementation;
  • C8 Permission to publish an advertisement for K-12 Math Textbook Adoption - feedback sought from stakeholders prior to initiating the process; February will begin working with the vendor; various concerns were expressed by Board members; discussion included how the state standards dictate what we teach;
  • C9 K-12 Out of County Student Travel - routine trips
  • C10 Advertisement and Notice of intent to adopt new SB Policy 1.14 - Religious Expression in Public Schools; requires the adoption of model policy; Clay is following the DOE's model;
  • C11 Impact Contract - pending Title IV grant award; this item may be deleted if the grant award doesn't come through in time;
  • C12 Florida Safe Schools Assessment Certification - generic details due to confidential nature; state mandate through Safe Passage Act; 
  • C13 2018-2020 School Health Plan - Statute requires the adoption of plan;
  • C14 Proposed Allocation changes - Superintendent gave justification for added positions; 
  • C15 NSF Write off - write-offs total $330.80;  
  • C16 Monthly Financial Report for October - no discussion;
  • C17 Deletion of Certain Items Report for November - routine; 
  • C18 Bid to be Awarded - two-way portable radios; 3-year period; Kenwood, Motorola and Tekk brands;
  • C19 Pre-qualification of Contractors - routine;
  • C20 Schematic/Preliminary/Final Plans & Specs for LES Re-Roof Bldg 1 - no discussion;
  • C21 Schematic/Preliminary/Final Plans & Specs for RHS Re-Roof Bldgs 7 &10 - no discussion;
  • C22 Schematic/Preliminary/Final Plans & Specs for  GPE Re-Roof Bldgs 8, 9A, 9B - concerns expressed about painting needs at GPE;
  • C23 Schematic/Preliminary/Final Plans & Specs for  WEC Re-Roof Bldgs 1 & 2 - no discussion; 
  • C24 Schematic/Preliminary/Final Plans & Specs for  MBE Re-Roof Bldgs 4 & 9 - no discussion;
  • C25 Schematic/Preliminary/Final Plans & Specs for  OPE Fire Alarm Replacement -  no discussion; 
  • C26 Schematic/Preliminary/Final Plans & Specs for PES Fire Alarm Replacement - no discussion;
  • C27 Schematic/Preliminary/Final Plans & Specs for FIE Fire Alarm Replacement - no discussion; 
  • C28 DIS Cafeteria Expansion, Bldg 5 Architect Award - pending bid award;
  • C29 OPH HVAC Replacement Bldg 4 (Gym) Engineer Award - $1.3M


  • D1 Recommendation to adjust the Superintendent's salary (Bolla) - no discussion; 
  • D2 HR Special Action A - no discussion; Mr. Broskie will advise the Board privately of the details;
  • D3 Public Hearing to approve SB Policy 4.12 revisions - medical marijuana not administered, monitored, stored; possessed by personnel;


2. Discuss and give direction on process for employing legal services

Chair Studdard opened the floor for discussion and differing points of view were expressed by Board members on the direction for employing legal services.   Following discussion, Mrs. Kerekes announced that she will submit an item for the December agenda:  "Contract for Bruce Bickner for legal services."

Questions from the Audience  (None)
Superintendent Comments  (None)
School Board Comments  (None)
Adjournment  (9:07 a.m.)
Superintendent of Schools School Board Chair