Agenda Plus
School Board of Clay County
District Multi-Purpose Center, Corner of Walnut Street and Gratio Place, Green Cove Springs, FL
October 25, 2022 - School Board Workshop
Date: Oct 25 2022 (9:00 a.m.)
Invocation  (Tina Bullock)
Call to Order  (Present: Janice Kerekes, District 1; Mary Bolla, District 2; Beth Clark, District 3; Tina Bullock, District 4; Ashley Gilhousen, District 5; and Superintendent David Broskie)
Workshop Items
1. Review Draft Agenda for Regular School Board Meeting on November 3, 2022

Recognitions and Presentations:

  • Community First Credit Union Check Presentation - no discussion;
  • Clay County Tax Collector Check Presentation to Clay Education Foundation - no discussion;

Consent Agenda

  • C1 Minutes of Special Meeting on September 8, 2022; School Board Workshop on September 27, 2022; Student Discipline Hearings and Regular Meeting on October 6, 2022 - no discussion;
  • C2 Personnel Consent Agenda - Superintendent Broskie noted that regular revisions to job descriptions is continuing; 
  • C3 Complete Salary Schedule 2022-2023 - Mr. Broskie shared that the state has approved the district's Teacher Salary Increase Allocation (TSIA) Plan as meeting the statutory requirement;
  • C4 Proclamation 23-06 to Establish November 14-18, 2022 as National Education Week and November 16, 2022 as Educational Support Professionals' Day - job fairs are continuing to be held to assist individuals wishing to transition into teaching positions and to fill positions currently remaining open;
  • C5 K-12 Academic Services Out of State and Overnight Student Travel - no discussion;
  • C6 2022-2025 Affiliation Agreement Between School Board of Clay County and The University of North Florida Brooks College of Health - no discussion;
  • C7 Approve the Clinical Education Affiliation Agreement between LabCorp and The School Board of Clay County, Florida - no discussion;
  • C8 Affiliation Agreement between Clay County District Schools and Grand Canyon University - no discussion;
  • C9 Proclamation #23-07 to Establish School Psychologist Week November 7-11, 2022 - no discussion;
  • C10 2022-2024 School Health Plan - no discussion;
  • C11 Florida Department of Education, Office of Student Financial Aid Data Sharing Agreement - this agreement will assist the district in identifying potential students requiring assistance with the FAFSA completion; Mrs. Bolla stated that the Education Foundation also connects individuals to FAFSA information and noted that there is a financial aid night being held at Keystone Heights Jr./Sr. High on 11/15; 
  • C12 Proposed Allocation Changes for 2022-2023 - no discussion;
  • C13 Monthly Financial Reports for September, 2022 - no discussion;
  • C14 Budget Amendment Report for September 30, 2022 - no discussion;
  • C15 Deletion of Certain Items Report October, 2022 - routine surplus of property;
  • C16 Change Order #2 for Middleburg High School Roof Repair/Replacement (Building 1) - brief discussion to address Mrs. Gilhousen's inquiry re how plans to widen CR220 will impact school traffic patterns;
  • C17 Clay High School Restroom Renovations Contract Award - no discussion;
  • C18 Pre-Qualification of Contractors - no discussion;
  • C19 Schematic/Preliminary/Final (Phase I, II, and III) Plans and Specifications for Orange Park Junior High School Window Replacement (Buildings 1, 2, 3 &4) - no discussion;
  • C20 Green Cove Springs Junior High School Window/HVAC Replacement (Buildings 1, 2, 3, & 4) Contract Award - no discussion
  • C21 Approve Easement Agreement between the School Board of Clay County, Florida and Clay County, a political subdivision of the State of Florida, granting the County a stormwater and drainage easement on the campus of Lake Asbury Junior High School - no discussion;

Discussion Agenda:

  • D1 Human Resources Special Action A - no discussion;
  • D2 Human Resources Special Action B - no discussion.
Questions from the Audience
2. Questions from the

Victoria Kidwell, President of Clay County Education Association questioned the current staffing of school psychologists.  Laura Fogarty, Director of Climate and Culture, advised there are currently four openings, an applicant currently being considered, and an increase in hours of two part-time psychologists to provide additional support.

Superintendent Comments
3. Superintendent Comments

Superintendent Broskie advised Clay County District Schools has been identified as an academically high-performing district, based on academic performance, budgeting practices, and class size.

Potential dates and times to schedule the workshop to review the December agenda were discussed.

School Board Attorney Comments  (None)
School Board Comments
4. School Board Member Comments

Mrs. Bullock gave a reminder that early voting starts on 10/28 and urged consideration of the referendum on the ballot for the renewal of funds to provide safety and security to students. 

Mrs. Kerekes also echoed support for the continued funding of safety and security.  

Mrs. Bolla encouraged the continued funding outlined in the referendum, advising that the safety and security services are statutorily mandated and, absent the continued tax, funds would come from the budget, impacting other services to students.  She praised the safety and collaboration between the Clay County District Schools' Police Department and the other law enforcement agencies within the community.  Other events noted were a Special Olympics Track Meet at Ridgeview High on 11/10/22, a financial aid assistance opportunity at Keystone Heights Jr./Sr. High on 11/15/22, and the Alumni Hall of Fame on 12/2/22.

Adjournment  (9:32 a.m.)
Superintendent of Schools School Board Chair