Agenda Plus
School Board of Clay County
District Office Accounts Payable Conference Room, 814 Walnut Street, Green Cove Springs
October 30, 2018 - School Board Workshop
Date: Oct 30 2018 (8:30 a.m.)
Call to Order  (8:39 a.m. - Present: Janice Kerekes, District 1; Carol Studdard, District 2; Betsy Condon, District 3; Mary Bolla, District 4; Ashley Gilhousen, District 5 (arrived at 8:55 a.m.); and Superintendent Addison Davis. )
Workshop Items
1. Consider proposed revisions to School Board Policies 1.05 through 1.13, and proposed addition of new policy regarding establishment and functions of a Risk Management Claims Committee
1.05-1.13 proposed revisions, 10.30.2018, djd, v1.pdf
5.08 Model Risk Mgt policies.pdf
Draft of Bullying SB Policy - Google Docs.pdf
2018_Proposed CLAY Risk Mgmt Policy - 10-30-18 discussion.pdf

Opening remarks were made by Board Attorney David D'Agata emphasizing focal points and future policy work.

1.05 The School Center Staff

There was discussion about whether this policy is necessary since it is basically a repeat of the statute.  The consensus was to strike the entire Policy 1.05.  Subsequent sections were re-numbered as a result.

1.06 1.05 District Organizational Chart 

Revised first sentence to read, The Superintendent shall "submit" to the School Board; remove "for approval"

1.07 1.06 Non-Discrimination 

Later in the workshop and following discussion about the section on Bullying and Harassment, Mr. D'Agata suggested he draft two proposals for consideration - one with only minor changes as currently written, and the second proposal to include the language used in paragraph 5.c. from the bullying proposal pertaining to the protected classes.   

1.08 1.07 School Advisory Councils 

  • Section B:  first paragraph remove "middle"; the second and third paragraphs pertaining to percentages were deleted; last paragraph "51% or greater" was removed.
  • Section C:  In subparagraphs 1 and 3 delete "between the School Board and the employees' certified bargaining agent"

1.09 1.08 Public Conduct on School Board Property 

Section A:  remove "may be found guilty of a misdemeanor of the second degree" and replace with "may be criminally prosecuted."

1.10 1.09 Clay County Education Foundation 

Superintendent Davis asked that the Board revisit this policy at a later date to give him time to consider how to best utilize the recently allocated position for a full-time CCEF Executive Director.  

1.11 1.10 Social Security Numbers 

No changes to proposed revisions.

1.12 1.11 Anti-Bullying and Harassment 

Mr. McAuley presented a new proposal drafted by himself and Heather McDonald, Coordinator of Health Services, which takes into consideration the school safety bill passed as a result of the Parkland shooting.  

Mr. D'Agata explained a recent court case that allows districts to intervene in off-campus, summertime bullying that affects the right of another student to be "let alone."  Mr. McAuley will incorporate language to cover this in his proposal.  The need for extensive training for staff and students was expressed by the Board.   It was noted that consequences as outlined in Section D(2) should coincide with progressive discipline specified in the respective collective bargaining agreements with the two unions.  Mrs. Kerekes asked language be added that when investigating student reports of bullying by a teacher, that the teacher is not present during the questioning.

1.13 1.12 Teen Dating Violence and Abuse

No changes to proposed revisions.

5.08 Risk Management

Dr. Susan Legutko, Assistant Superintendent for Business Affairs, led the discussion of the risk management proposal.  She presented a "Clay" model following the Pinellas model with some additional changes.   Updates were made to Section B, to clarify and/or add who has settlement authority and the cap dollar limits.  


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Adjournment  (11:38 a.m.)
Superintendent of Schools School Board Chair