Agenda Plus
School Board of Clay County
October 5, 2017 - Regular School Board Meeting
C9 - Intel Math Program Professional Development Decision Statement

Intel Math is an 80 hour professional development course in mathematics content for K-8 teachers,  The program was adapted from the Vermont Math Initiative developed by Dr. Ken Gross.  The course is collaboratively taught by practicing mathematician and a mathematics educator. One of the goals of Intel Math is that teacher participants deepen their own understanding of math through problem solving. Intel Math " is designed to close the gap between insufficient mathematics training of elementary school teachers and the demands of the contemporary mathematics classroom" (Kenneth Gross, on VMI) and places emphasison deepening the teacher participants' understanding of core K-8 mathematics concepts, Intel math is gounded in a problem-solving approach to topics such as integer arithmetic, the decimal number system, place value, rational number arithmetic, rates, linear equations, and functions.  Connections are made throughout the course as multiple representations of solutions are examined with each problem. Pedagogy comprises approximately 10% of the course. Classroom transfer is address primarily through opportunities to analyze student work, and instructior modeling.

Gap Analysis

Currently, the Intel Math Program has training 113 Clay County teachers. Trained teachers scored an average of 52.27% on the Intel Math pre-assessment which evaluates content knowledge not exceeding seventh grade math standards. The instruction in basic math content knowledge not exceeding seventh grade math standards. The instruction in basic math content knowledge and the vertical articulation between grade levels transfers to the benefit in instruction and hands on experience to meet the needs of proficiency. The ultimate goal of training K-8 mathematics teachers is to raise the Algebra EOC pass rate for Clay Couty by remediating and creating quality instruction before students reach high school. Please see attached documentation of teacher and cohort assessment scores.

Previous Outcomes

The comparison of pre and post teacher assessments has shown a growth in teacher content knowlege by a gain of 23.72% after the 10 day course. Using prior Performance Matters data, students of Intel trained teachers are out performing their grade level peer and leading school scores. Previous cohorts from 2011-2013 prove the effectiveness of the transfer to student successes. The teachers trained during those years have continues students success with an average of 72.6% of students earning a level 3 or above on the 2017 FSA Mathematics Assessment.

Expected Outcomes

With the current offering of future cohorts, K-8 teachers will provide correct vocabulary, knowledge of vertical alignment, strateges to differentiate math instruction, and a deepened content knowledge to significantly impact student achievement measured by the FSA Mathematics Assessment with a goal of 80% achieving proficiency.

Strategic Plan Goal

(Clay County School District 2012-2017 Strategic Paln) *All students can learn and that is the responsibility of the school district and all stakeholders to ensure that each child meets and/or exceeds his/her potential.* Schools will decrease their percentage of non-proficient students in each applicable sub-group.


That the Clay County School Board approve the implementation of Intel Math Program CoHorts provided through the University of Arizona and the Intel Company for Cohort 8 (October 5,6,9,12,13,31 and November 9,10,20,21, 2017) as submitted.

Dr. Terri Stahlman, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction, Phone: 904-529-2614
Financial Impact
$54,200 (Paid from DoDea funds
Review Comments
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