Agenda Plus
School Board of Clay County
October 5, 2017 - Regular School Board Meeting
D2 - Consider proposed Settlement Agreement providing for the dismissal of all claims brought by Plaintiff in Drees Homes of Florida, Inc. v. School Board of Clay County, Florida, Case No. 2015-CA-01154, Fourth Judicial Circuit in and for Clay County, Florida

Plaintiff sued the School Board of Clay County in 2015, alleging inverse condemnation and entitlement to just compensation for certain acreage of land situated along Tynes Boulevard which land is subject to a future school site designation under a previously-approved County Development Order/Master Plan. The proposed Settlement Agreement, if adopted, would result in the dismissal of the lawsuit and conveyance of title to the subject property (approximately 22 acres) from Plaintiff to the Board in exchange for its payment of $250,000.00 and issuance of 187 impact fee credits currently valued at $1,317,041.00.


Gap Analysis
Previous Outcomes
Expected Outcomes
Strategic Plan Goal

The School Board Attorney and Special Counsel recommend adoption of the attached Settlement Agreement.

Janice Kerekes, School Board Chair; David D'Agata, School Board Attorney
Financial Impact
$1,567,041.00 ($250,000.00 payment and $1,317,041.00 impact fee credit).
Review Comments
proposed settlement agreement, executed by Plaintiff.pdf