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School Board of Clay County
October 5, 2017 - Regular School Board Meeting
C5 - 2017-2018 District Calendar Modifications

The 2017-2018 district calendar was approved by the Board on January 5, 2017. All district schools were closed for six (6) days:  Friday, September 8, 2017, and the week of September 11-15, 2017. The Commissioner for Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) has granted a waiver of two (2) instructional days due to Hurricane Irma.  

After analysis of the net instructional minutes for each Clay County District School and missed instructional days, it has been determined that the district meets the 900 net instructional hours as required by Florida Administrative Code 6A-1.045111.

However, the district has determined that the district calendar must be adjusted to meet the requirements for granting half (0.5) credits as outlined in Florida Statute 1003.436(1)(a)(b). This Statute states for the purposes of requirements for high school graduation, one full credit means a minimum of 135 hours of bona fide instruction in a designated course of study that contains student performance standards. The hourly requirements for one-half credit are 67.5 hours.

The current Board-approved calendar will fall four (4) days short of meeting this requirement for the first semester if not revised. It is proposed that the only changes to the district calendar be that the date for the end of the second quarter is moved from December 15, 2017, to January 9, 2018. This will result in the third quarter beginning on January 10, 2018. Additionally, report cards will be released on January 12, 2018, instead of the original date of January 10, 2018. All other previously Board approved dates will remain the same; including teachers' planning days.  

Gap Analysis

It has been determined that the district calendar must be adjusted to meet the minimum instructional hours required to grant one-half (0.5) credits for high school courses during the first semester.  

Previous Outcomes

The previous Board approved district calendar adhered to all known state mandates for the creation of a district calendar at the time it was approved.

Expected Outcomes

It is expected that the Board will replace the existing Board approved 2017-2018 district calendar with the proposed revised calendar. By moving the end of the second quarter four days later the originally approved, schools will be able to meet the necessary 67.5 hours of bona fide instruction to award one-half (0.5) credits.

Strategic Plan Goal

Ensure that every classroom provides a quality and rigorous instructional experience in order to elevate student outcomes.


That the Clay County School Board approve the proposed modifications to the 2017-2018 district calendar.

Terry Connor, Chief of Secondary Education,, (904) 652-3066
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