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Agenda Plus
School Board of Clay County
October 7, 2021 - Regular School Board Meeting
C11 - Lutheran Services Florida Standard Contract #220043

SEDNET is an acronym for The Multi Agency Network for Students With Emotional and Behavioral Disabilities, which agency is under the supervision and control of Clay County District Schools.  Lutheran Services Florida, Inc. d/b/a/ LSF Health Systems, LLC ("LSF") has maintained a contractual relationship with The School Board of Clay County, Florida through SEDNET for several years.  The contract allows LSF, a non-profit corporation which obtains funds from both federal sources and pursuant to a contract with the State of Florida, to then contract with regional SEDNET units, of which the Clay County School District is one, to provide mental and behavioral health resources to students in need throughout the Northeast Florida region which consists of Duval, Clay, and Nassau counties.  SEDNET acts as an independent contractor to LSF and provides the contracted behavioral and mental health services through its employees, agents, and subcontractors after which the services are billed to LSF.  The limit of LSF financial commitment and responsibility, as well as the requirements binding SEDNET are the subject of the attached contract.  

Gap Analysis

SEDNET shall perform all tasks and provide units of deliverables, including reports, findings, and drafts, as specified in the contract.  The purpose of this funding is to provide non-Medicaid mental health services to families to reduce the need for higher levels of care.  The goal is to keep children in their least restrictive environment.

Previous Outcomes

These funds have been used to meet the individualized needs of students requiring supportive mental health and behavioral services.  The previous contract was not to exceed the amount of $951,158.00.

Expected Outcomes

Students currently being served by SEDNET will continue to be provided the mental health supports to maintain in their least restrictive environment.  The amended contract is not to exceed the amount of $947,784.00.

Strategic Plan Goal

To allow SEDNET to continue to provide the programs and services of the Family Services Planning Team (FSPT) and the Children and Family Staffings (CFS).  SEDNET will continue to provide individualized mental health services and devise individualized plans for students with significant mental health needs.


Approve the contract amendment.

Kathryn Lawrence, SEDNET,, (904) 336-4400
Financial Impact
The amendment shall decrease contract amount by $3,374.00.
Review Comments
220043 Lutheran Services Florida (LSF Health Systems) - Amendment 103.pdf