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School Board of Clay County
September 15, 2016 - Regular School Board Meeting
C26 - Superintendent's Annual Financial Report for the FYE 6-30-2016

The financial records and accounts of the School Board are maintained under direction of the Superintendent with approval of the Board.

The Superintendent is required under Section 1001.51(12)(b), Florida Statutes, to prepare for Board approval, all reports that may be required by law or rules of the State Board.  State Board of Education Rule 6A-1.0071, Florida Administrative Code, requires submission of the Report of Financial Data To the Commissioner of Education.


Approve the Annual Financial Report for the period of July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016, as presented.

Dr. Susan Legutko, Assistant Superintendent for Business Affairs Data Source: Sonya Findley, CPA, Director of Finance
Financial Impact
There is no financial impact on the schools or budgets by the approval of the Annual Financial Report.
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