Agenda Plus
School Board of Clay County
September 26, 2017 - Regular School Board Meeting
C23 - 2017-2020 UNF Dual Enrollment Articulation Agreement

A collaborative agreement between the University of North Florida and the School Board of Clay County for Dual Enrollment purposes.  This agreement allows Clay County students to enroll in college courses on the UNF campus for both college credit and high school credit.  This agreement outlines policies pertaining to Dual Enrollment and the roles and responsibilities of each entity.

Gap Analysis


Previous Outcomes

The purpose of entering an agreement with this institution is that several students from Clay County have enrolled in courses at UNF and, therefore, would qualify for Dual Enrollment.  Students from the Oakleaf area, in particular, have participated the last two years.  Due to the District not having an agreement, the students were not able to take advantage of this opportunity.

Expected Outcomes

One of the goals of Clay County is to increase the number of students who participate in academic accelerated programs - Dual Enrollment being one of those programs.  However, it is expected that the number of students who will attend UNF will be minimal.

Strategic Plan Goal

The District will work closely with UNF in order to better advise students on the postsecondary opportunities available to all.  Students who successfully pass a course earn acceleration points for their home schools while preparing themselves for college level work.


Approval of the 2017-2020 agreement between University of North Florida and the School Board of Clay County.

Terry Connor, Chief of Secondary Schools. 904-652-3066 Michael Wingate, Director of K-12 Academic Services. 904-529-2613
Financial Impact
$2500 (not including textbooks)
Review Comments
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