Agenda Plus
School Board of Clay County
District Multi-Purpose Center, Corner of Walnut Street and Gratio Place, Green Cove Springs, FL
September 27, 2022 - School Board Workshop
Date: Sep 27 2022 (9:00 a.m.)
Invocation  (Beth Clark)
Call to Order  (Present: Janice Kerekes (attended via teleconferencing), District 1; Mary Bolla, District 2; Beth Clark, District 3; Tina Bullock, District 4; Ashley Gilhousen, District 5; and Superintendent David Broskie)
Workshop Items
1. Review Draft Agenda for Regular School Board Meeting on October 6, 2022


  • American Heart Association's Heart Heroes - no discussion;

Consent Agenda:

  • C1 Minutes of School Board Workshop on August 22, 2022; Student Discipline Hearings and Regular Meeting on September 1, 2022 - no discussion;
  • C2 School Board Member Out-of-County Travel Expenses Estimated to Attend FSBA/FADSS 77th Annual Joint Conference - no discussion;
  • C3 Personnel Consent Agenda - Superintendent Broskie noted the addition of a new job description for Coordinator of Accounting to provide the necessary support as the district transitions to a self-insured model for employee benefits;
  • C4 Ratification of the 2022-2023 Amendment to the 2022-2024 Master Contract between the Clay County Education Association and the Clay County School Board - no discussion;
  • C5 Elementary Student Out of State Travel - no discussion;
  • C6 K-12 Academic Services Out of State and Overnight Travel - no discussion;
  • C7 2022-2023 Dual Enrollment Articulation Agreement between CCSD and St. Johns County School Board on behalf of First Coast Technical College - no discussion;
  • C8 Memorandum of Understanding with Clay County Fire and Rescue - CTE EMR from OPH were doing ride alongs with Liberty, new provider now with Clay County Fire and Rescue - no discussion;
  • C9 Affiliation Agreement between Clay County District Schools and Oklahoma State University (OSU) - internships, practicums, and observations - no discussion;
  • C10 Proclamation for Red Ribbon Week - Mrs. Gilhousen noted concerns with fentanyl that has the appearance of candy and would like to ensure parents are reached with this information.  Chief Wagner mentioned the Hammer and Hope outreach and also advised that schools now have narcan on site and all CCDS police personnel have been trained in its administration;
  • C11 Lutheran Services Florida Standard Contract #230036 Amendment 107 - no discussion;
  • C12 Proposed Allocation Changes for 2022-23 - no discussion;
  • C13 NSF Write-off Permission - no discussion;
  • C14 Deletion of Certain Items Report September, 2022 - no discussion;
  • C15 BID to be Awarded - no discussion;
  • C16 Interlocal Agreement to Sell Low-Priced Fuel to the Clay County Board of County Commissioners for Use of Fire and Rescue Vehicles in the Keystone Heights Area - no discussion;
  • C17 Final Completion of Ridgeview High School Restroom Renovations - no discussion;
  • C18 Final Completion of W.E. Cherry Elementary School Spalling Remediation/Roof Replacement (Buildings 3 & 4 Reroof) - no discussion;
  • C19  Change Order #2 for Orange Park High School Stadium Repair/Replacement - no discussion;
  • C20 Change Order #2 for Orange Park High School Front Entrance Security Enhancement - no discussion;
  • C21 Change Order #1 (Direct Purchasing) for Spring Park Elementary School - no discussion;
  • C22 Schematic/Preliminary/Final (Phase I, II, & III) Plans and Specifications for Green Cove Springs Junior High School Window/HVAC (Buildings 1, 2, & 3) - no discussion;
  • C23 Final Completion of Shadowlawn Elementary School Roof Replacement/Repair (Reroof) - no discussion;
  • C24 Ridgeview High School HVAC Repair/Replacement Building 3 Contract Award - no discussion;
  • C25 County-Wide Professional Civil Engineering Services Contract Award - no discussion;
  • C26 Pre-Qualification of Contractors - no discussion;

Discussion Agenda:

  • D1 Human Resources Special Action A - no discussion;
  • D2 Human Resources Special Action B - no discussion.
Questions from the Audience  (None)
Superintendent Comments
2. Superintendent Comments

Superintendent Broskie advised the district is in regular communication with Clay County Emergency Management and will make a decision re closing schools due to Hurricane Ian by noon today, taking into consideration the safety of students and schools which serve as shelters.

School Board Attorney Comments  (None)
School Board Comments
3. School Board Member Comments

Mrs. Kerekes extended appreciation to those making the welding room at Orange Park High possible and urged safety and taking precautions ahead of the storm.

Mrs. Clark voiced some community confusion re charter schools participating in district activities.  Superintendent Broskie advised charter school students have a long-standing tradition of participating with district schools and may participate in athletics at their home-zoned school.  Mrs. Clark also recommended discussion with Dr. Legutko, Assistant Superintendent of Business Affairs, to ensure the district is funding projects correctly, including evaluating EDFIRST funding.

Mrs. Gilhousen suggested bringing legislative priorities to the November meeting to start the refining process.  She indicated it would be worthwhile to look into the cost and benefits of retaining a lobbyist with a strong relationship with our legislators as all districts are competing for the same funding.

Mrs. Bullock extended appreciation to the Clay County Education Association and the bargaining team who worked together on the current proposed contract.

Mrs. Bolla inquired into the status of retaining personnel to fill employment vacancies.  Mr. Broskie advised current vacancies seem to reflect what has been seen historically and that labor shortages continue to be an issue that is being addressed as aggressively as possible.

Adjournment  (9:37 a.m.)
Superintendent of Schools School Board Chair