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Agenda Plus
School Board of Clay County
September 5, 2019 - Regular Meeting and Public Hearing on the 2019-2020 Budget
D5 - Public Hearing to approve as advertised the adoption of the 2019-2020 Procedures Manual for Instructional Resources

The 2019-2020 Procedures Manual for Instructional Materials provides information regarding the implementation of state and local policies regarding the process and procedures for adoption, vetting, and the challenge of instructional materials.  The manual serves as a tool for the purpose of standardization of procedures for school and district level staff responsible for instructional materials management.

It is important for all administrative personnel and instructional materials administrators to be familiar with the policies, procedures, and guidelines applicable to instructional materials.  Contents of this document are based on: 1. Current regulations, 2. State and County policies, and 3. Standardized procedures.


Gap Analysis

Adopting the 2019-2020 Procedures Manual for Instructional Materials ensures Clay County meets the requirements of the Statutes and Regulations regarding instructional materials. This document defines the roles and responsibilities of all school and district level staff related to instructional materials, policies, and procedures as they relate to instructional materials, exceptions to these policies and procedures, and funding.  

Every effort shall be made by Clay County District Schools to provide textbooks, library books, supplementary materials, digital materials and other educational media essential to an effective instructional program.  Instructional Programs shall be selected to meet the educational goals of the district in providing basic materials for all students, to provide continuity in instructional programs, to meet the needs of special individuals and programs, and to objectively present the concerns and build upon the contributions of all genders and members of religious, ethnic and cultural groups.

Previous Outcomes

The  Instructional Resources Manual is reviewed and revised each year. The previous update was in September 2018. 

Expected Outcomes

In accordance with state statute, an advertisement on the proposed revisions to the 2019-2020 Instructional Resources Manual 2019-2020 Procedures Manual for Instructional Materials will be made public and a vote will be taken at the conclusion of a public hearing on the proposed modifications.

Strategic Plan Goal

Goal 1: Develop a High Quality & Aligned Instructional System

Strategy 1.1 Provide teachers and students with the tools and resources necessary to meet the demands of the Florida Standards and students' individual needs.


It is recommended that the Board approve  the 2019-2020 Procedures Manual for Instructional Materials.

Terry Connor, Chief Academic Officer, 904.336.9405,
Financial Impact
Review Comments
Redlined Copy Proposed 2019-2020 CCDS Instructional Resources Department Procedures Manual (3).pdf
Updates to 2019-20 IR Procedures Manual (2).pdf