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School Board of Clay County
April 5, 2018 - Regular School Board Meeting
C5 - Proposed Supplement Allocations for 2018-2019

The School Board is required to take action on all academic and athletic supplemental allocations each school year.

Gap Analysis

The following list comprises various transactions that require the recommendation of the Superintendent and the approval of the School Board.  The supplemental list includes academic and athletic supplements.

Previous Outcomes

Cost analysis for the past five years:  2013-2014 Academic $1,470,892.00/Athletic $1,211,876.00 = $2,682,768.00.   2014-2015 Academic $1,547,000.00/Athletic $1,210,861.00 = $2,758,561.00.   2015-2016 Academic $1,555,313.00/Athletic $1,210,861.00 = $2,766,174.00.  2016-2017 Academic $1,556,323.00/Athletic $1,213,311.00 = $2,769,634.00.  2017-2018 Academic $1,576,063.00/Athletic $1,218,858.00 = $2,794,921.00.


Expected Outcomes

Supplements will be distributed sufficiently to meet the needs of the various schools and district departments.

Strategic Plan Goal

Ensure fiscal responsibility and equitable distribution of resources.



Approve the supplements as presented.

David Broskie, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources; 904 336-6701;
Financial Impact
Cost of Academic Supplements: $1,614,177.00/ Cost of Athletic Supplements: $1,223,058.00 Total: $2,837,235.00
Review Comments
Supplement Allocations 2018-2019.pdf