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School Board of Clay County
December 9, 2021 - Regular School Board Meeting
D1 - Public Hearing to Approve as Advertised a School Board Resolution Renumbering the School Board Member Districts. (Mrs. Bolla)

Pursuant to Florida Statute 1001.36 the School District shall be divided into five-member residence districts which are numbered 1 through 5. The statute also authorizes the School Board to change the member residence boundaries as needed to maintain an approximate equality in population among the districts. This process may take place only in odd-numbered years. Traditionally the process has taken place at the time of the decennial U.S. census numbers disclosure. There are concerns that the School Board member residence districts are numbered differently from the corresponding districts of the members of the Board of County Commission and that those differences result in voter/populace confusion. The School Board may renumber its own member residence districts. The Resolution which is to be decided by the School Board would renumber three of the five Board member residence districts to match those of the corresponding County Commission districts, thereby bringing all member areas of both board and commission which are composed of similar geographical areas into numerical alignment. For example, School Board District 1 and Commission District 1would cover roughly the same area as would School Board District 2 and Commission District 2. Once renumbered, School Board District 2 would become 3, 3 would become 4, and 4 would become 2. Districts 1 and 5 would retain their current numbers. As a result, candidates for School Board office for Districts numbered 1, 4, and 5 would be on the election ballot on even-numbered years not divisible by 4 (for Example 2022) and those for Districts numbered 2 and 3 would be on the election ballot in even-numbered years divisible by 4 (for example, 2024).

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Approval of this item will allow the School Board to adopt the proposed Resolution renumbering the School Board member residence districts to more closely match those of the corresponding County Commission residence districts.

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Hold a public hearing and approve the school board Resolution renumbering the school board member residence districts to more closely match those of the corresponding county commission residence districts.

J. Bruce Bickner, School Board Attorney
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