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School Board of Clay County
December 9, 2021 - Regular School Board Meeting
C17 - Approve the Interlocal Agreement between Clay County, Florida and the School Board of Clay County, Florida

The County has Sales Surtax Revenue Bond monies that are earmarked to finance the costs of construction and acquisition of roadway improvements in the County under a program known as the Bonded Transportation Program. (“BTP”) One of the projects that is funded is the improvement of Sandridge Road from Henley Road to CR 209. Sandridge Road will be widened from a two-lane rural roadway to a three-lane urban section with bike lanes, curb and gutter, and sidewalks along both sides and in order to accommodate stormwater runoff due to the roadway improvements, pond locations have been determined within the Sandridge widening corridor. School District Operations Department is in agreement with the widening of the road, and, additionally would like to have the drainage pond at Lake Asbury Jr. High School (“LAJH”) enlarged to accept the drainage. With the Sandridge Road improvements, the Operations Department desires to have right turn lanes constructed for ingress and egress into the school parking lots and accompanying sidewalk retained and enhanced along the front of LAJH and Lake Asbury Elementary (LAE). County will cover the costs of the improvements using BTP money. The School Board must agree to provide construction and permanent easements for the drainage expansion and right turn lanes into the parking lots and also deed approximately 0.757 acres of land to the county to allow for retention of sidewalk space.

Gap Analysis

Considering the degree of growth in the Lake Asbury area, traffic congestion, and their impacts on both of the schools located on Sandridge Road near Henley Road, this project will result in a win/win outcome for both the County and the School Board.

Previous Outcomes


Expected Outcomes

Approval of this item will result in improvement of traffic flow, drainage, and sidewalk access for both LAJH and LAE schools.

Strategic Plan Goal

Provide for enhanced drainage and stormwater control and enhanced infrastructure to pedestrian traffic and vehicular access to District schools.


Approve the Interlocal Agreement between Clay County, Florida and the School Board of Clay County, Florida

Bryce Ellis, Asst. Superintendent of Operations; Lance Addison, Coordinator of Intergovernmental Relations; J. Bruce Bickner, School Board Attorney
Financial Impact
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