Agenda Plus
School Board of Clay County
February 7, 2019 - Regular School Board Meeting
C9 - Contract Modification Between Pace Center for Girls, Inc., and the School Board of Clay County, Florida

To modify the original contract between the two above mentioned entities to address a plan for the District to provide transportation services to the students who attend PACE.  The modification includes the District providing daily transportation, arrival and departure, to the students enrolled in PACE and any related procedures.  The modification also addresses the financial aspect surrounding FTE calculations and the cost of the 4 routes created by the Transportation Department of the School Board.

Gap Analysis

PACE has utilized the transportation services of another agency for years, but this contract was recently terminated.  The School Board of Clay County will now offer these services, allowing for the students to attend this program.

Previous Outcomes

The two entities are in agreement as to the designed transportation plan, procedures, and financial processes which will allow for continued services to the enrolled students of the PACE program.

Expected Outcomes

The enrolled students, those eligible for transportation services, will now be able to attend the program on a daily basis.  This greatly increases the successful completion of the program by these students.

Strategic Plan Goal

To ensure that every Clay county student is provided a quality and rigorous instructional experience.


That the Clay County School Board approve the modification to the existing contract.

Michael Wingate, Director, K-12 Academic Services;; 904-336-6918
Financial Impact
None. Invoices for the cost will be submitted to PACE on a monthly basis.
Review Comments
February 2019 - PACE Addendum.pdf